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Mystery Houses are a series of courses that appear in Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. They involve completing a marathon of Mystery Box challenges to collect Green Stars. In these courses, the player is under a ten-second time limit to complete an objective, such as defeating every enemy or reaching the Green Star. These courses become available as soon as the player enters the world they are in, but Enemy Battles or the general map layout could make them inaccessible. They are available on every even-numbered world, including World Bowser, World Mushroom, and World Crown.

With the objective being to defeat all enemies to advance for both Mystery Houses, the levels Mystery House Melee and Mystery House Brawl may be references to Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, respectively.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description Areas/Green Stars
World 2-Mystery House Mystery House Melee SM3DW Mystery House Melee.png The Mystery House of World 2. It focuses on defeating every enemy in the room. 5
World 4-Mystery House Mystery House Mad Dash SM3DW W4-House.png The Mystery House of World 4. The objective of each room is to race to the Green Star while avoiding enemies' attacks. 10
World 6-Mystery House Mystery House Throwdown SM3DW World 6-House.png The Mystery House of World 6. Each room requires the use of baseballs to activate switches, defeat enemies, or collect the Green Star. 5
World Bowser-Mystery House Mystery House Claw Climb Mystery House Claw Climb in the game Super Mario 3D World The Mystery House of World Bowser. It requires the wall-climbing ability granted by the characters' Cat forms. 10
World Mushroom-Mystery House Mystery House Brawl Mystery House Brawl from Super Mario 3D World. The Mystery House of World Mushroom. Just like Mystery House Melee, its object is to defeat every enemy on the screen. 10
World Crown-Mystery House Mystery House Marathon Mystery House Marathon.jpg The Mystery House of World Crown. It is the Mystery House with the most Green Stars, and focuses on a variety of challenges, some re-used from Mystery Boxes from previous courses and previous Mystery Houses. 30


Super Mario 3D World[edit]

  • Instruction manual description: "There is a Green Star in each room of every Mystery House. Try to collect them all within the time limit!"