Captain Toad Gets Thwomped

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Captain Toad Gets Thwomped
Get Thwomped.jpg
World-Level World CastleWorldCastleIcon (SM3DW).png-CaptainToadIcon.pngCaptain Toad
World World Castle
Game Super Mario 3D World
Time limit 400 seconds
Notes The fourth Captain Toad course. A castle themed course with Thwomps and Bullet Bills
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Captain Toad Gets Thwomped, otherwise known as World CastleWorldCastleIcon (SM3DW).png-CaptainToadIcon.pngCaptain Toad, is the fourth Captain Toad course and the Captain Toad course of World Castle. It is accessible in a pipe from when the player gets into World Castle.


There is lava surrounding the area, and there are conveyor belts, Thwomps, and Bullet Bills.

Green Stars[edit]

  • Green Star 1: Behind the Thwomp the player sees from starting position.
  • Green Star 2: The player needs to go up a moving platform and into a hole.
  • Green Star 3: The player must go up a Thwomp and avoid Bullet Bills and grab the star on a conveyor belt.
  • Green Star 4: After the conveyor belt, the player must get onto a Thwomp.
  • Green Star 5: After Green Star #4, the player finally must go through a hole, get onto a Thwomp, and dodge a Bullet Bill. Then, the player will fall into a hole, with the final Green Star.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオ隊長とドッスン工場
Kinopio taichō to dossun kōjō
Captain Toad and the Thwomp Factory
Spanish (NOA) El jefe del Escuadrón Toad y las correas transportadoras Captain Toad and the conveyor belts
Spanish (NOE) El jefe de la Cuadrilla Toad y las correas transportadoras Captain Toad and the conveyor belts
German Kapitän Toad und die Steinblock-Fabrik Captain Toad and the Thwomp factory
Italian Capitan Toad e la fabbrica di Twomp Captain Toad and the Thwomp factory
Portuguese Capitão Toad em apertos Captain Toad in grips
Russian Капитан Тоад и фабрика бамсов
Kapitan Toad i fabrika bamsov
Captain Toad and the Thwomp factory