Mystery House Brawl

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Mystery House Brawl
Mystery House Brawl from Super Mario 3D World.
Level code World Mushroom-Mystery Box
World World Mushroom
Game Super Mario 3D World
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Mystery House Brawl, otherwise known as World Mushroom-Mystery Box, is the Mystery House level of World Mushroom in Super Mario 3D World and its Nintendo Switch port Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. It is available as soon as the player starts the world. It is similar to World 2's Mystery House Melee, as it features the player fighting various enemies to obtain Green Stars.

Green Stars[edit]

  • Green Star 1: Obtained by defeating the three Chargin' Chucks.
  • Green Star 2: Obtained by defeating the three Snow Pokeys.
  • Green Star 3: Obtained by defeating the two Flopters.
  • Green Star 4: Obtained by defeating the three Boomerang Bros.
  • Green Star 5: Obtained by defeating the lone Coin Coffer.
  • Green Star 6: Obtained by defeating the three Goomba Towers.
  • Green Star 7: Obtained by defeating the three Fizzlits.
  • Green Star 8: Obtained by defeating the three Magikoopas.
  • Green Star 9: Obtained by defeating the three Piranha Creepers.
  • Green Star 10: Obtained by defeating the three Hammer Bros.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もっと倒して!ミステリーハウス
Motto taoshite! Misuterī hausu
Defeat more (enemies)! Mystery House

Chinese 打倒更多!神秘屋
Dǎdǎo gèng duō! Shénmì wū
Defeat more (enemies)! Mystery House

Dutch Veel vlugge vijanden in het verrassingshuisje
Many quick enemies in the Mystery House
French Grosse colère dans la maison mystère
Huge Rage in the Mystery House
Italian Casa mistero: ondate di nemici
Mystey house: waves of enemies
Portuguese Zaragata na Casa Mistério
Brawl in the Mystery House
Russian Беспорядки в доме загадок
Besporyadki v dome zagadok
Mess in the Mystery House

Spanish (NOE) Pegando de nuevo en la casa del misterio
Punching again at the Mystery House