Fur Step Island

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Fur Step Island
Fur Step Island in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Game Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
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Fur Step Island is the very first island visited in Lake Lapcat, the main location of the Bowser's Fury campaign of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Its name is a portmanteau of "first step" and "cat fur." The island is a long strip of grassy land that contains a shipwrecked Airship (possibly the same one seen in the credits before Bowser became Fury Bowser), and is where Mario first comes into contact with Fury Bowser. Though it is the first location of the game, only the first Cat Shine can be collected. The other four Cat Shines and the Cat Shine Shards can only be collected after beating the main story. This island also cannot be revisited until then, as it is surrounded by the black goop and the ledge by the lighthouse is blocked off by an invisible wall.

During the start, amiibo cannot be scanned, items from the item storage disappear when the player attempts to use one, and as of version 1.1.0, collecting 100 coins only grants the player a Super Mushroom.

Toadette also appears near the Airship after the story has been completed and asks Mario to look for the members of the Toad Brigade, who join her here after they are found. After defeating Giant Bowser at least once, the goop is removed.

Cat Shines[edit]





Make the Lighthouse Shine

From the start, Mario must head toward the shipwrecked vessel and have Fury Bowser destroy a barrage of Fury Blocks leading toward a short set of stairs, where he may then collect the Cat Shine. Notably, this is the first Cat Shine in the game the player collects, and the only one that can only be collected during the player's first visit.


Junior's Graffiti Gratitude

Available only after completing the main story. Mario must head to the ship to find a ? panel in the center of the floor. The player must tap on it to have Bowser Jr. paint a large picture, revealing the Cat Shine.


Fury Shadow on Deck

Available only after completing the main story. Mario must confront the Fury Shadow, chase it, and hit it three times to defeat it, after which the Cat Shine is revealed.


Five Cat Shine Shards

Available only after completing the main story. Mario must collect the five Cat Shine Shards surrounding the shipwreck area to obtain the Cat Shine itself.


Blast the Fury Blocks

Available only after completing the main story. Mario must coax Fury Bowser into blasting fire onto the Fury Blocks located behind the Airship, breaking them open to reveal a Cat Shine.

Cat Shine Shards[edit]

  • Found on top of the tallest cat shaped rocky mountain.
  • Found on top of the broken mast on the Airship.
  • Found in a tiny alcove along the side of the Airship at water level.
  • Found on top of the Bowser-shaped heading of the Airship.
  • Found on top of a Cat Goomba Tower near the lighthouse.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファース島
Pun on "first" and「島」(, the on'yomi reading of "island")

Chinese (simplified) 发始岛

Starting Island (“发始” has similar pronunciation with 「ファース」)

Chinese (traditional) 發始島

Starting Island

Dutch Snorhaarstrand
Whisker Beach
French Îlot des Pas de velours
Soft-footed steps Islet
German Auftakt-Eiland
Prelude island
Italian Isola Gattosa
Cat-ty Island
Korean 첫걸음 섬
Chutgurum Sum
First-Step Island

Portuguese Ilha Bola de Pelo
Furball Island
Spanish Islote Bigotes
Whiskers Islet