Switch Block (Super Mario 3D World)

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This article is about the blocks in Super Mario 3D World. For the switches appearing throughout the Mario franchise, also known as Switch Blocks, see P Switch.
A Switch Block in Super Mario 3D World

Switch Blocks[1] are a type of block similar in appearance to ! Blocks from previous games, appearing in Super Mario 3D World. Similar to the ON/OFF Switches in Super Mario World, Switch Blocks, when hit, usually change the direction of Switchboard tracks in stages they appear in. Switch Blocks appear in three stages: Switchboard Falls, Cosmic Cannon Cluster, and Honeycomb Starway. The one in Honeycomb Starway reveals a platform when hit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイッチブロック[2]
Suicchi Burokku
Switch Block


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