Dash Block

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Dash Block
SMM2 Dash Block.png

First appearance

Super Mario Maker 2 (version 2.0) (2019)

Dash Blocks are objects in Super Mario Maker 2 that can be placed in levels using the Super Mario 3D World style. They function similar to Dash Panels from the original game, in that they cause the player to run uncontrollably when walked over. Unlike Dash Panels, however, Dash Blocks also increase the player's jump height. The effect is added to the speed gain from Super Stars, Conveyor Belts and Koopa Troopa Cars.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダッシュブロック
Dasshu Burokku
Dash Block
Chinese 衝刺磚塊
Chōngcì Zhuānkuài
Dash Block