Linking Lift

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Linking Lift
Linking Lift
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Linking Lifts are a type of platform that appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, where they are the main focus of the level Cruising with Linking Lifts. They consist of several green blocks, with horizontal flashing yellow stripes across their front, interlocked with jigsaw puzzle-like indentations and bumps on either side. When stepped on by a player, a Linking Lift will begin moving along its track. Periodically the leftmost segment of the platform will begin to flash and disappear, causing the Linking Lift to progressively shorten as it moves. If only one segment remains, it will still flash and disappear, leaving no platform at all on the track. In order to prevent the Linking Lift from disappearing, the player must hit blocks consisting of Linking Lift segments scattered through the level. Once hit, these blocks will move and connect to the rightmost edge of the Linking Lift.

During Cruising with Linking Lift's Wonder Effect, the Linking Lift segments are replaced with much wider and progressively taller variants, causing the Linking Lift to take on a staircase appearance if all of them are connected to the platform. When the Wonder Effect expires, each of the larger segments are replaced with multiple normal-sized segments that add up to the original segments' width.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Piattaforma di collegamento Linking platform
Portuguese Plataforma modular Modular platform