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Not to be confused with Snoodle.
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Snootles are green, circular enemies introduced in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They appear exclusively in the level Valley Fulla Snootles. Snootles jump periodically and bounce off walls. Some can be seen bumping Goombas around. A rare, larger variant of the enemy can also be found. Their name comes from "snoot", an informal term for a nose.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コロブー
Portmanteau of「ころころ」(koro-koro, onomatopoeia for rolling) and「ブーブー」(būbū, onomatopoeia for pig's oinking), possibly referring to their pig-like snout
Chinese 滚滚猪
Gǔngǔn Zhū
Rolling Pig
French Goroule Portmanteau of "goret" (piglet) and "rouler" (to roll)
German Roink Portmanteau of "rollen" (to roll) and the onomatopoeia "oink"
Italian Maiarollo Portmanteau of "maiale" (pig) and "rollare" (to roll, in a masculine form)
Korean 데꿀데꿀이
Play on "데굴데굴" (degul-degul, onomatooeia for rolling) and posibly "꿀꿀이" (kkul'kkul-i, a childish word for "piggy")
Portuguese Roluíno Portmanteau of "rolar" (to roll) and "suíno" (swine)
Russian Свиноролл
From "свинья" (svin'ya, pig) and English word "roll"
Spanish Rodorín Masculine form of "rodar" (to roll), combined with the diminutive suffix "-ín"