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First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Variant of Magmaargh

Raarghs are fiery enemies that appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They only appear in one level - the Deep Magma Bog level Raarghs in the Ruins. They attach themselves to the ground and wait for a player to get near, in which case they charge straight forward in the direction they were facing. If one charges into the environment or another Raargh, they disappear. They are capable of activating Rotating Blocks and ? Blocks. After several seconds, the Raargh will respawn in its original location.

Raarghs continue the theme of enemies such as Blargg and Magmaargh having names that include the onomatopoeia "arg" in some form.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウーロン
Portmanteau of「ウーガン」(Ūgan, Magmaargh) and「龍」(lóng, "dragon" in Chinese); pronounced identically to Oolong (from「烏龍」(wūlóng), a Chinese word meaning "black dragon")
Chinese 乌龙熔岩
Wūlóng Róngyán
Portmanteau of「乌龙」(wūlóng, Oolong) and「乌卡熔岩」(Wūkǎ Róngyán, Magmaargh)
French Dravalave Portmanteau of "dragon" and "Avalave" (Magmaargh)
German Glutdrako Ember Dragon; compare "Glutsauger" (Magmaargh)
Italian Magmadrago Magma-dragon; compare "Magmabruto" (Magmaargh)
Korean 짜자룡
Portmanteau of "짜자용" (Jjaja'yong, Magmaargh) and "" (ryong, "dragon" in Sino-Korean, widely used in North Korea)
Portuguese Leomaargh From "Magmaargh" and the prefix form of "leão" (lion)
Russian Дракмародские
From "дракон" (drakon, dragon)
Spanish Lavonchof Portmanteau of "Lavoncio" (Magmaargh) and "chof" (onomatopoeia for splashing)