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Taily SMBW
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Hanging Blow Hard
Hungry plant
Swinging Claw

Tailies are enemies appearing in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They are green pitcher plant-like enemies that hang from the ceiling with vines attached. The player is able to push these vines downwards and gain momentum to swing forward, which is how the enemy is defeated. They also periodically release Spike Balls.

During the Wonder Effect quiz in Taily's Toxic Pond, for every question, there are three different colored Tailies present, one for each answer, and the player needs to pull on the corresponding colored vine to answer correctly. If three questions are answered right, the player is rewarded a Wonder Seed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オッポー
Elongation of「尾っぽ」(oppo, tail)
Chinese 尾尾
Repetition of「尾」(wěi, tail)
French Népendar From "népenthès" (tropical pitcher plant) and possibly "pendre" (to hang) or "pendard" (rascal)
German Baumel Inflection of "baumeln" (to dangle)
Italian Codino From "coda" (tail) and the diminutive suffix "-ino"
Korean 꼬리잉
From "꼬리" (kkori, tail)
Portuguese Caulino From "caule" (plant stem) and the diminutive suffix "-ino"
Russian Уська
From "усик" (usik, tendril) and possibly "науськивать" (nausʹkyvatʹ, incite)
Spanish Colguiana Portmanteau of "colgar" (to hang) and "liana" (vine)