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Custom render of Anglefish from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Rendered game model of Anglefish
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Anglefish are blue triangular fish enemies that appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Their first appearance is in The Anglefish Trial: Ready, Aim, Fly! in Shining Falls. If approached by a player, they will jump toward them at an angle towards a player. Their jumping angle varies depending on where the player is, hinted at their bright blue glow, forming an arrow. They can be stomped on while they attack. Their name is a pun on "angle" and "angelfish", which are also similar in shape.

In a Wonder Effect, Anglefish instead jump and fly in set directions, sometimes spawning off-screen.


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario Bros. Wonder G:/romfs/Model/EnemyAimy.bfres.zs Aimy Japanese name

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エイミー
Pun on「エイ」(ei, ray) and English verb "aiming". File name also indicates the female name "Amy"
Chinese 追踪鱼
Zhuīzōng Yú
Aiming Fish
Dutch Anglefish -
French Ploujon Portmanteau of "plongeon" (dive) and "goujon" (gudgeon)
German Rochella Portmanteau of "Rochen" (manta ray) and the suffix for feminine names "-ella"
Italian Mantimira Portmanteau of "manta" (manta ray) and "mira" (aim)
Korean 에이미
Transliteration of the Japanese name
Portuguese Miratum Portmanteau of "mirar" (to aim) and "atum" (tuna fish)
Russian Стрелёдка
Portmanteau of "стрелять" (strelyat, to shoot) and "селёдка" (selyodka, a colloquialism for "herring")
Spanish Atungo From "atún" (tuna fish)