Item Balloon (Super Mario Bros. Wonder)

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This article is about the object from Super Mario Bros. Wonder. For the object of the same name from the Yoshi series, see Item Balloon.
Item Balloon
Elephant Fruit Item Balloon SMBW
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Effect Summons reserved items

The Item Balloon[1] is an object that appears exclusively in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is a balloon that can be spawned by the player when holding down A Button while playing a course. Once the Item Balloon has been spawned, it will appear above the player's head and remain in that position. Item Balloons hold items that have been placed within the item storage, giving the player access to them in a similar fashion to other games such as Super Mario World and Super Mario 3D Land. When a player comes into contact with an Item Balloon, the balloon will pop and instantaneously apply the effects of the power-up it holds to whoever popped it. Items that the Item Balloon can hold include the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Elephant Fruit, Bubble Flower and Drill Mushroom.

When playing online, other players can use Item Balloons spawned by one another. Doing so will award Heart Points to both the player that summoned the Item Balloon and whomever popped it.


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