Deep Magma Bog

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Deep Magma Bog
A view of an unnamed world of 'Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Deep Magma Bog is the sixth world in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and the last numbered world. It is a volcanic bog filled with magma and overgrown with ivy. The bog contains several split paths, some of which are blocked with boulders that can be shattered by Poplins in exchange for flower coins.

This world contains purple Wonder Flowers and Wonder Seeds and there is a total of 30 Wonder Seeds and one Royal Seed to collect.


Deep Magma Bog contains 17 levels, four Deep Magma Bog Observatories, and a Poplin Shop.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグマノ樹海
Maguma no Jukai
Magma Sea of Trees
Chinese (Simplified) 岩浆树海
Yánjiāng Shùhǎi
Magma Sea of Trees
Chinese (Traditional) 岩漿樹海
Yánjiāng Shùhǎi
Magma Sea of Trees
Dutch Smeulgrotten Smouldering Caves
French Volcan végétal Vegetal Volcano
German Magma-Tiefen Magma Depths
Italian Foresta Magmascuro Dark-Magma Forest
Korean 마그마 밀림
Mageuma Millim
Magma Jungle
Portuguese Pântano Magmático Magmatic Swamp
Russian Магмовая шахта
Magmovaya shakhta
Magma Mine
Spanish Volcán Caldera Cauldron Volcano