Jewel-Block Cave

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Jewel-Block Cave
Drill Mario running through Jewel-Block Cave, with a falling Spiny
World Petal Isles
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★
Primary power-up Drill Mushroom
Wonder Effect Summons Wonder Gottsun
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Jewel-Block Cave is a course in the Petal Isles in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after visiting the Royal Seed Mansion, and its own completion unlocks Petal Isles Flying Battleship, as well as a Wonder Packun leading to the Sunbaked Desert. It has a difficulty of two stars and contains two Wonder Seeds. It introduces the Drill form and is primarily designed around its abilities.

In the Nintendo Live 2023 and kiosk demo, it is shown to be located in Pipe-Rock Plateau with a difficulty of three stars, taking the place of Here Come the Hoppos.[1]


The level takes place in a cavern full of jewel blocks, Konks, and Spinies walking on the ceiling. The player starts near a Konk in a recess in the ceiling, with a wide jewel block below and a ? Block above it containing a Drill Mushroom. Inmediately after, they will encounter a Spiny, more jewel blocks (including one with a Talking Flower trapped inside) and another Konk. After a small tunnel accessible only in Drill form leading into an alcove with a few coins, there will be a segment with Spinies and jewel blocks above small pits, and then another Drill-exclusive tunnel, leading to a Warp Pipe. Through it is a side room featuring coins, flower coins, a Talking Flower and a 1-Up Mushroom. If the player does not take the Warp Pipe, they will have to avoid three Konks and several pits. Both paths rejoin right before the Checkpoint Flag.

Past the checkpoint, cyan, upwards-facing Konks are introduced, along with beacons in the ceiling. Past another Konk, a Wonder Flower can be found inside a jewel block. Touching it will trigger the course's Wonder Effect, which will create blue blocks that wall the player into a vertical shaft and summon Wonder Gottsun above. Wonder Gottsun will slam down periodically, breaking jewel blocks in its way, but will stagger after breaking stone blocks. The Wonder Seed is found at the bottom of the shaft, encased in a jewel block. A Warp Pipe will take the player to the next part of the level, featuring a horizontal hallway with both downwards- and upwards-facing Konks on either side of a bridge of jewel blocks. At the end is another Warp Pipe, leading to the outside of the cavern, with one last Spiny, a staircase of jewel blocks and the Goal Pole, where the second Wonder Seed is awarded.

Hidden Character Blocks[edit]

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found inside a jewel block under the second Konk.
  • 10-flower coin 2: The center Brick Block in the middle of a set of three contains a beanstalk, leading the player up to an overground area containing a Konk floating above a pool of water and the second 10-flower coin.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Found on an alcove before the final stretch. It can be reached from the left by drilling on the ceiling, or from the right, by hitting a Red Yoshi Hidden Character Block.


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "*exhale*" (said by the first flower trapped in a jewel block, immediately after being freed)
    • "I can finally talk again!" (said by the same flower)
    • "Not that I have anything to say." (said by the same flower)
  • "*gasp*" (said by the second flower trapped in a jewel block, immediately after being freed)
    • "I'm freeeeeeee!" (said by the same flower)
  • "*exhale*" (said by the first flower trapped in a jewel block in the first secret room, immediately after being freed)
    • "*pant*" (said by the same flower)
  • "Way to go!" (said by a flower right after the Wonder Seed)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジュエルブロック だらけの洞窟どうくつ
Jueru Burokku darake no Dōkutsu
Cave full of Jewel Blocks

Chinese (simplified) 宝石砖块 满满的洞窟
Bǎoshí Zhuānkuài Mǎnmǎnde Dòngkū
Cave full of Jewel Bricks

Chinese (traditional) 寶石磚塊 滿滿的洞窟
Bǎoshí Zhuānkuài Mǎnmǎnde Dòngkū
Cave full of Jewel Bricks

Dutch Juweelblokgrot
Jewel Block Cave
French Caverne aux joyaux
Jewel Cavern
German Höhle der Juwelenblöcke
Cave of Jewel Blocks
Italian La caverna dei blocchi gioiello
The jewel block cave
Korean 주얼블록이 가득한 동굴
Jueolbeullok-i gadeukhan donggul
Cave full of Jewel Blocks

Portuguese (NOA) Um passeio joia pela caverna!
A Nice Walk Through the Cave! (Pun on "joia", a slang term for "nice" which literally means "jewel")
Portuguese (NOE) Viagem pela gruta dos blocos joia
A Trip to the Jewel Block Cave
Russian Самобытная пещера самоцветных блоков
Samobytnaya peshchera samotsvetnykh blokov
Distinctive cave of Jewel Blocks

Spanish La cueva de los bloques gema
The Cave of the Jewel Blocks


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