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This article is about a sticky obstacle in Super Mario Galaxy. For the items from the Paper Mario series, see Honey Syrup or Honey Jar. For the status ailment in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, see Honey (status effect).
Bee Mario next to a single path of Honey

Honey is a yellow goo-like substance that is found in Super Mario Galaxy in the Honeyhive Galaxy, but only on a single path. It is very sticky, to the point where it causes Mario or Luigi to stick to it, making them only able to do low jumps. The honey path is part of the track Mario/Luigi must travel across to reach the Power Star in the Honeyhive cosmic race, where Cosmic Mario or Luigi gets stuck in the honey.

Honeybees can be found gathering the honey in buckets, claiming it's heavy. Honey also appears on certain walls which Mario/Luigi can stick to when in bee form.

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