Matter Splatter Galaxy

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Matter Splatter Galaxy
Matter Splatter Galaxy.png
Area Garden
How to unlock Get 50 stars and complete Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
Mission(s) Watch Your Step
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.
Galaxy icon A circular section of the Dark Hopper Planet A

Matter Splatter Galaxy is a galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. Matter Splatter is a primary stage element in this galaxy, and it consists of droplets of matter that act as disappearing and reappearing platforms Mario can land on; the Darkness Room Planet in the Ghostly Galaxy uses the same concept as this level, although it is much shorter. Magikoopas are the only enemies in this level which appear frequently. Space Fantasy is the music that plays throughout the entire level. This is the only galaxy where the Power Star's light is almost always visible in the background.

Mario's Matter Splatter weapon from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is named after the galaxy.


Dark Hopper Planet[edit]

Matter Splatter Galaxy Area 1
Dark Hopper Planet A

Dark Hopper Planet A[1] is the level's starting planet, and hosts the first 3-D area in the level. It contains what seems to be a large room, however, players can stand only on the parts of the room they can see. There are tiny droplets of matter, and players must jump in the puddles of matter they make. Players must also avoid Magikoopas to get to the pipe. The camera in this section is tilted slightly.

Dark Hopper Planet B[edit]

Area 2 from Matter Splatter Galaxy.
Dark Hopper Planet B

Although Dark Hopper Planet B[2] seems 2-D, players can fall off the edge towards the camera. It is a dark area with more matter droplets that players must follow to get to the pipe. There are also more Magikoopas trying to stop players.

Dark Hopper Planet C[edit]

Area 3 from Matter Splatter Galaxy.
Dark Hopper Planet C

Dark Hopper Planet C[3] is a 2-D area in the level. In this part, players must grab a Spring Mushroom and climb a wall to reach a pipe at the top. There is an ascending spotlight of matter that players must follow or they fall off the planet.

Dark Hopper Planet D[edit]

Area 4 from Matter Splatter Galaxy.
Dark Hopper Planet D

Dark Hopper Planet D[4] is the second 3-D area in the level. In this part of the level, a small network of walkways lead to the Power Star, but are hidden until shone upon by the spotlight of matter, which players must again follow. Once players reach the Power Star at the end, however, there is a Magikoopa that tries to prevent them from reaching the Power Star. The layout of the Maze Walkway Planet in the Flash Black Galaxy is extremely similar to the layout of Dark Hopper Planet D in this galaxy.



This galaxy contains only the following mission.

Level Image Overview
Watch Your Step The floor under Mario is moving without carrying him Players need to traverse through an area whose scene is removed and created by droplets of matter.


Audio.svg Space Fantasy - Ambient music used for various levels in Super Mario Galaxy, as well as a multiple channel for Battlerock Galaxy and Dreadnought Galaxy.
File infoMedia:Space Fantasy Super Mario Galaxy.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミステリーサークルギャラクシー
Misuterī Sākuru Gyarakushī
Mystery Circle Galaxy
Chinese 神秘环形银河
Shénmì huánxíng yínhé
Mysterious Annular Galaxy
French Cercles mystérieux Mysterious circles
German Mysteriöser-Kreis-Galaxie Mysterious Circle Galaxy
Italian Galassia Cerchio Misterioso Mysterious Circle Galaxy
Korean 미스터리 서클 갤럭시
Miseuteori Seokeul Gaelleoksi
Mystery Circle Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Círculos Misteriosos Mysterious Circles Galaxy


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