The Bell on the Big Tree

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The Bell on the Big Tree
Mario in a Bubble
Location Gold Leaf Galaxy
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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The Bell on the Big Tree is the hidden mission of Gold Leaf Galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy. The goal of this mission is to collect musical notes by floating in a bubble.


This hidden mission is only obtainable in the second star, Cataquack to the Skies. The player must navigate across the Reverse Kingdom Planet, where they initially land, across where small boulders appear. They must then come across to a pen with a Cataquack inside. Being launched upwards by this Cataquack, they are launched into a Sling Star. By activating this Sling Star, they are then propelled towards the area where the big tree is found. Here, the player must find a bubble blower that generates a bubble when approached. They must then blow the bubble upwards to find a bell. After finding the bell, the player's pointer must then be slid horizontally over the bell, generating musical notes around the tree in a circular manner. The player must then navigate around the tree, collecting all the musical notes generated by the bell. After having collected all of the musical notes, the Power Star of this mission appears.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 木陰のベルを鳴らして
Kokageno beru o narashite
Ring the Bell at the Shade of the Tree
Chinese 敲响树阴的钟声
Qiāoxiǎng shùyīn de zhōngshēng
Ring the Bell of the Shade of the Tree
French (NOA) La Cloche des Sous-Bois The Bell of the Undergrowth
French (NOE) La cloche des sous-bois The bell of the undergrowth
German Läute die Glocke im Baumschatten Ring the Bell in the Tree's Shade
Italian Suona la Campana nel Folto d'Alberi I Ring the Bell in the Thicket of Trees
Korean 나무 그늘의 벨을 울려라
Namu geuneurui bereul ullyeora
Ring the Bell at the Shade of the Tree
Spanish (NOA) La Campana del Matorral Sombrío The Bell of the Shady Bush
Spanish (NOE) Tintineos a la sombra Jingles in the shade