Purple Coins in the Desert

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Purple Coins in the Desert
Dusty Dune Galaxy
Location Dusty Dune Galaxy
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Purple Coins in the Desert is the fifth mission of the Dusty Dune Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Until its completion, this mission can only be done while a Purple Comet is in orbit. Unlike many other Purple Coin missions, it does not have a time limit.


This mission takes place solely on the Maze Planet. The player has to collect all one hundred Purple Coins, and to do so, the player has to use the Tweesters, Thwomps, and other moving platforms in the area, as well as moving between the two sides of the planet. Once all of the Purple Coins are collected, the Power Star will appear near the rising platform on the dark-colored side of the planet.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 流砂の果てのパープルコイン
Ryūsa no hateno pāpuru koin
Purple Coins at the End of the Quicksand
Chinese 沙漠之国的紫色硬币
Shāmò zhī guó de zǐsè yìngbì
Purple Coins of the Desert Country
French (NOA) Les Pièces Violettes dans le Désert Purple Coins in the Desert
French (NOE) Les pièces violettes du royaume des sables Purple coins in the kingdom of the sands
German Die lila Münzen im Land der Wüste The purple Coins in the Land of the Desert
Italian Moneta Viola nel Deserto Purple Coins in the Desert
Korean 사막왕국의 퍼플코인
Samagwanggugui peopeulkoin
Purple Coins in the Desert Kingdom
Spanish (NOA) Las Monedas del Desierto The Coins of the Desert
Spanish (NOE) Monedas en el desierto Coins in the desert