Treasure of the Pyramid

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Treasure of the Pyramid
Mario has two Silver Stars in Dusty Dune Galaxy
Location Dusty Dune Galaxy
Mission # 7
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Treasure of the Pyramid is the seventh mission of the Dusty Dune Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is a hidden mission accessed through the Blasting through the Sand mission, and it holds one of the three Green Stars in the game.


The player has to progress through the original mission as usual until they reach the planet with the wooden ring, collecting as many Star Bits from the Pokeys as they can on the way. On the underside of the platform the player lands on from the first Launch Star is a Hungry Luma, who asks the player to feed it twenty Star Bits. Doing so will have the Luma transform into a pyramid planet and a Launch Star will appear to send Mario to that planet.

The Launch Star will cause Mario to land on a Warp Pipe leading inside the pyramid. Inside the pyramid are five Silver Stars. Stepping onto the green line will cause the pyramid to shake and the sand above and below will begin moving, revealing paths for the player to take and more Silver Stars. All of the Silver Stars are placed within Crystals. Collecting all of the Silver Stars will cause all of the sand to disappear and the Power Star will appear at the bottom of the pyramid.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese すなカプセルとシルバースター
Suna kapuseru to Shirubā Sutā
Sand Capsule and Silver Stars

Chinese 金字塔中的流沙与银色星星
Jīnzìtǎ zhōng de liúshā yǔ yínsè xīngxīng
Quicksand and Silver Star in the Pyramid

French (NOA) Le Trésor dans la Pyramide
The Treasure in the Pyramid
French (NOE) La capsule de sable et les étoiles d'argent
The Sand Capsule and the Silver Stars
German Die Sandkapsel und die Silbersterne
The Sand Capsule and the Silver Stars
Italian Stella Argento Incapsulata!
Encapsulated Silver Stars!
Korean 모래 캡슐과 실버스타
Morae kaepsyulgwa silbeoseuta
Sand Capsule and Silver Star

Spanish (NOA) El Tesoro de la Pirámide
The Treasure of the Pyramid
Spanish (NOE) Estrella de plata y cápsula arenal
Silver star and sand capsule