Purple Coins in the Bone Pen

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Purple Coins in the Bone Pen
SMG Ghostly Galaxy Purple Coins.png
Location Ghostly Galaxy
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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“Yikes! This looks scary!”
Yellow Toad, Super Mario Galaxy

Purple Coins in the Bone Pen is the fifth level in Ghostly Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. Until completion, it is available only when a Purple Comet is in orbit.


Mario starts off on a small planet with the modified Boo Race Zone in front of it. The Boo Race Zone in this level features bones as walls, meaty bones as bumpers, Space Mines as obstacles, and Pull Stars for getting around. There are more than 100 Purple Coins, but only 100 have to be collected by the player before the Power Star appears in the center of the pen. This mission has a one minute time limit, the strictest time limit of all Purple Comets in the game. The time still goes on even after 100 coins is collected. There are a total of 149 coins in the Boo Race Zone itself, while the small starting planet has one coin on its backside, with a total of 150.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 浮遊空間ふゆうくうかんの パープルコイン
Fuyū kūkan no pāpuru koin
Purple Coins in the Floating Void
Chinese 浮游空间的紫色硬币
Fúyóu kōngjiān de zǐsè yìngbì
Purple Coins in the Floating Space
French (NOA) Les Pièces Violettes dans l'Espace Flottant Purple Coins in the Floating Space
French (NOE) Les pièces violettes de l'espace flottant Purple Coins in the Floating Space
German Sie lila Münzen im Schweberaum The Purple Coins in the Floating Space
Italian Monete Viola nello Spazio Purple Coins in the Space
Korean 무중력 공간의 퍼플코인
Mujungnyeok Gonggan ui Peopeul Koin
Purple Coins in the Zero Gravity Space
Spanish (NOA) Las Monedas del Espacio Flotante The Coins of the Floating Space
Spanish (NOE) Monedas en espacio flotante Coins in floating space