Breaking into the Battlerock

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Breaking into the Battlerock
Bob-omb Dispenser.png
Location Battlerock Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Breaking into the Battlerock is the second mission of the Battlerock Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The objective is to use Bob-ombs and other explosives to enter into the Battlerock itself.


Like with the previous mission, the player starts off on six small UFOs. This time, there are cages and Bob-omb dispensers, which the player can use the Bob-ombs from to blow up the cages. Inside one of the cages is a Launch Star that will send Mario to a planet with many Chomps rolling on it and a cage with a trapped Luma inside. Bringing a Bob-omb found on the opposite end of the planet, the player can rescue the Luma, which will turn into a Sling Star that will allow the player to reach a Launch Star. The Launch Star will launch Mario to a minefield the player has to use Pull Stars to navigate, and the Space Fantasy music plays. Using the Launch Star at the end will launch Mario into the Battlerock itself, and the music returns to the Battlerock music. A nearby pipe will take the player to a room where they have to use a Bob-omb to break open a cage and reveal a cannon. Using the cannon, the player can launch themselves into a crystallized Luma. The crystal has two layers and hitting it anywhere other than the center will just cause the crystal to get smaller, necessitating another cannon shot. Once both layers are destroyed, the released Luma transforms into a Launch Star. Using the Launch Star will cause the Battlerock to explode and send Mario to the final planet, and the Space Fantasy music plays again. The player has to take a Bob-omb to the other end to break a cage and reveal a cannon. Using the cannon, the player has to time their shot correctly to avoid hitting any obstacles and recover the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひらけ! ボム軍団ぐんだん運命うんめいを!
Kirihirake! Bomu-gundan de unmei o!
Carve Out Your Own Destiny Using the Bob-Omb Army!

Chinese 用炸弹兵军团掌控命运!!
Yòng zhàdànbīng jūntuán zhǎngkòng mìngyùn!!
Seize the Fate with the Bob-ombs Army!!

French (NOA) L'Infiltration de la Forteresse
The Infiltration of the Fortress
French (NOE) L'infiltration de la forteresse
The Infiltration of the Fortress
German Schleich dich in die Riesenfestung!
Creeping into the Giant Fortress!
Italian Invasione sulla Megaroccia
Breaking into the Battlerock
Korean 폭탄 군단으로 운명을 열어라!
Poktan gundan euro unmyeong eul yeoreora!
Open the Fate with the Army of Bombs!

Spanish (NOA) Rumbo al Corazón de la Fortaleza
Heading for the Heart of the Fortress
Spanish (NOE) Rumbo al corazón de la fortaleza
Heading for the heart of the fortress


  • This is one of the missions where the Battlerock Galaxy theme and the Space Fantasy theme switch between each other. The Battlerock Galaxy theme plays at the Saucers, Molecule Planet, Ammo Depot and the interior of the Battlerock, while the Space Fantasy theme plays at the Space Mine field of the exterior of the Battlerock and the Blast Missile.