Pull Star Path

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Pull Star Path
SMG Space Junk Galaxy First Mission.png
Location Space Junk Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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“As the brave captain of the Toad Brigade, I've already discovered a shortcut to the Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy. Power Star!”
Toad Brigade Captain, Super Mario Galaxy

Pull Star Path is the first mission of Space Junk Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission involves using many Pull Stars to move between the planets.


The Toads trapped in crystals

The player starts off on the square Star Dust Start Planet and needs to use a Pull Star to cross the chasm to the Star Dust Rolling Step A. Beyond the Star Dust Rolling Step A are several Pull Stars that take Mario through some asteroids, ending at a few Lava Transparent Planet. On the orb planets are five Star Chips the player needs to collect while avoiding Amps in order to form a Launch Star. Using it launches Mario around the small maze planet and through a crystal containing some Star Bits and lands him on a planet resembling Olimar's ship from Pikmin, which several Star Bits fall upon. Past the ship are planets with Pull Stars in them, followed by another row of Pull Stars through an asteroid field.

At the end of the asteroid field is the T Shape Planet with several Spoings and several Toads trapped in crystals. Rescuing all the Toads calls down the Toad Brigade Captain on the Starshroom and provide Mario with a Sling Star to reach the end. The final area is full of platforms that form once Mario gets near and the player needs to collect five Silver Stars scattered in the area. By collecting all of the Silver Stars, they form the Power Star, which appears back at the start of the current area.


Planets visited[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy trading card info[edit]


There is seemingly no place a Power Star might not be hidden, even among the floating debris in the Space Junk Galaxy. Mario must navigate a Pull Star path around this galaxy, including a carefully executed swing through Blue Star Capsule Planet. Grab the Pull Star located in the center of this capsule, which will swing Mario into its gravity field. (Watch for creepy spiders on the last leg for the Power Star!)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星降る小道を進め!
Hoshi furu komichi o susume!
Advance the Path Where Stars Fall!
Chinese 向流星小路进发!
Xiàng liúxīng xiǎolù jìnfā
Head for the Shooting Star Trail!
French (NOA) Le Sentier des Étoiles Crampon The Path of the Clamp Stars
French (NOE) Le sentier des étoiles The Trail of Stars
German Der Sternregenpfad The Star-Rain-Path
Italian Il Sentiero delle Stelle The Path of Stars
Korean 별 내리는 좁은 길!
Byeol Naerineun Jobeun Gil!
The Narrow Path Where Stars Fall!
Spanish (NOA) Por el Caminito Estrellado Across the Starry Path
Spanish (NOE) Por el caminito estrellado Across the starry path