Shrinking Satellite

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Shrinking Satellite
SMG Shrinking Tiles.png
Location Hurry-Scurry Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Shrinking Satellite is the only mission of the Hurry-Scurry Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.


The player begins on a small platform next to a path with many shrinking platforms with Star Bits, a Goomba, a 1-Up Mushroom, and a ? Block containing coins. By using the Launch Star located underneath one of the shrinking platforms, the player can reach the main planet.

As the player lands, notes will start to form around the planet. The player has to collect them all as the platforms disappear underneath them in order to collect the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese えゆくゆか走者そうしゃ? 奏者そうしゃ
Kieyuku yuka no sōsha? Sōsha♪
Vanishing Floor Runner? Performer♪ (this is a pun, as both 走者 and 奏者 are pronounced そうしゃ sōsha)
Chinese 行走在消失地板上的演奏者♪
Xíngzǒu zài xiāoshī dìbǎn shàng de yǎnzòuzhě ♪
Music Player Walking on the Vanishing Floors
French (NOA) Satellite Rétrécissant Shrinking Satellite
French (NOE) Sprint allegro♪ Allegro Sprint♪ (this is a pun, as allegro is a term used in music to mean a fast tempo)
German Renn und musizier Run and make music
Italian Corsa Folle a Suon di Musica ♪ Crazy Run to the Sound of Music♪
Korean 사라지는 바닥과 연주자♪
Sarajineun Badak gwa Yeonjuja♪
Vanishing Floors and a Music Player
Spanish (NOA) El Satélite que se Encoge The Shrinking Satellite
Spanish (NOE) ¡Socorro! Pies para qué os quiero Help! Run away