Rocky Road (mission)

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Rocky Road
Mario in the Sweet Sweet Galaxy
Location Sweet Sweet Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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“I LOOOVE mint chocolate! ♪”
Yellow Toad, Super Mario Galaxy

Rocky Road is the only mission contained within the galaxy Sweet Sweet Galaxy found in the game Super Mario Galaxy. Mario's (or Luigi's) main objective in this mission is to navigate an obstacle course of moving platforms with holes in them made out of sweets to eventually reach the Power Star. The name of the mission comes from the dessert rocky road, which is chocolate mixed with marshmallows, and in some countries, nuts or other ingredients.


Mario initially lands on the Starting Planet. From here, he has to navigate a straight path of moving squares that slide against Mario's desired direction. Each moving square has a different hole pattern, but all holes are circular shaped. After this section is done, he finds himself at a stationary square platform, where he has to turn right. This next section has electric bars to the sides, plus the ground below him moves from side to side. The platforms here have circular-shaped and arrow-shaped holes in them. At the next section, Mario has to navigate a turning path whilst moving on ground that moves in a circular manner. After successfully navigating this area, Mario finds the last area of the mission. Here, he has to navigate platforms that move against his desired direction and dodging electric bars whilst doing so. After this area, a giant cake is found, on top of which the Power Star of the mission is found.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あま~いケーキを イタダキます
Amāi kēki o itadakimasu
Time to Eat the Sweet Cake
Chinese 品尝甜~甜的蛋糕
Pǐncháng tián tián de dàngāo
Taste the Sweet Cake
French (NOA) À Nous les Bons Gâteaux! The Good Cakes are for Us!
French (NOE) A nous les bons gâteaux ! The Good Cakes are for Us!
German Mampf den süßen Kuchen! Desire to Eat the Sweet Cake!
Italian Alla Conquista della Torta Ghiotta At the Conquest of the Delicious Cake
Korean 달콤한 케이크 잘 먹겠습니다
Dalkomhan keikeu jal meokgetseumnida
Time to Eat the Sweet Cake
Spanish (NOA) El Pastel es Todo para Mí The Cake is All for Me
Spanish (NOE) El pastelazo es todo para mí The whole big cake is for me


  • In some areas, the player can Wall Jump up opposing walls to the point where they can see the tops of the cakes. However, invisible barriers prevent the player from reaching and exploring them.