Tarantox's Tangled Web

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Tarantox's Tangled Web
Tarantox spitting poison
Location Space Junk Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Tarantox
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Tarantox's Tangled Web is the third mission of Space Junk Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The objective is to make it to and defeat Tarantox.


Like with the previous mission, the player begins on two Starshrooms. Using a Pull Star, the player can reach a prism planet, though this time it has a couple of Spoings jumping on it. The player then has to use Pull Stars to navigate an asteroid field, which will lead to a large planet encased in a crystal. On the opposite side of the planet from where the player lands is a hole that leads through the crystal. By using the wooden planks on the ground as a guide, the player can navigate the planet to reach a Launch Star that will take them to a stone path with Spoings and a Sling Pod with a Toad in it. Using the Sling Pods, the player can reach the large rocket with many Spoings jumping on it. Using the Sling Pod at the end of the ship, and using another on an asteroid, the player can reach Tarantox's planet. By shattering the large silk spider egg in the center, Tarantox will appear and the battle will begin.

Tarantox attacks by spewing out toxic ooze and turning, the ooze will come out of Tarantox's mouth and the remaining orbs on its sides. Breaking the orbs will prevent that one from attacking for the phase. To damage Tarantox, the player has to make use of the Sling Pods around the spider web to damage the glowing orb on Tarantox's rear end. Damaging the orb on Tarantox's butt will cause it to flip over and reveal three red orbs. Using the Sling Pods to damage them all will move to the next phase of the fight, and repeating the process once more will defeat Tarantox, revealing the Power Star. Additionally, a single Toad trapped in a Sling Pod can be used to damage Tarantox as well.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひっぱりマユと クモキング
Hippari Mayu to Kumo Kingu
Sling Pods and Tarantox
Chinese 拉力茧与蜘蛛王
Lālì jiǎn yǔ zhīzhū wáng
Elastic Cocoons and Spider King
French (NOA) La Toile Embrouillée d'Arachnoboss Tarantox's Tangled Web
French (NOE) Les cocons élastiques et Arachnoboss The Elastic Cocoons and Tarantox
German Klebe-Kokons und Königsspinne Sticking Cocoon and King Spider
Italian Tarantorex e le sue Larve Tarantox and his Larvae
Korean 당기는 고치와 거미킹
Danggineun Gochi wa Geomi King
Sticking Cocoon and Spider King
Spanish (NOA) La Reina Araña y sus Larvas Tarantox and its Larvae
Spanish (NOE) Reina araña y sus larvas Tarantox and its larvae