Bunnies in the Wind

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Bunnies in the Wind
Location Gusty Garden Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Bunnies in the Wind is the first mission of the Gusty Garden Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The objective is to follow the Star Bunnies and catch the one on the Puzzle Cube planet.


The player starts on the starting planet, and the player has to ride the wind by riding Floaty Fluffs in order to traverse between planets. The next couple of planets have several Piranha Plants and ? Coins that will cause Star Bits to appear when collected. Once the player reaches a cluster of planets, they have to make use of vines to move between them, which are found by either defeating a Piranha Plant or opening a plant bud. On one of the higher planets is a large Spiny Piranha Plant that will spawn a Launch Star when defeated. The Launch Star will take Mario to the Puzzle Cube and the Star Bunny that the player needs to catch. When the player first approaches the Star Bunny, it will begin running around the Puzzle Cube. If the player manages to catch it, it will reward them with the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese そらかぜと ウサギの仲間なかま
Sora to kaze to usagi no nakama
Sky, Wind, and Bunny Friends
Chinese 蓝天 清风 还有兔子朋友
Lántiān qīngfēng háiyǒu tùzǐ péngyǒu
The Sky, the Wind, and the Bunny Friend
French (NOA) Des Lapins dans le Vent Rabbits in the Wind
French (NOE) Des lapins dans le vent Rabbits in the Wind
German Der Himmel, der Wind und der Hase The Sky, the Wind and the Hare
Italian Cielo, Vento e Conigli Sky, Wind and Bunnies
Korean 하늘과 바람과 토끼친구들
Haneul gwa baram gwa tokki chingudeul
The sky, the Wind, and the Bunny Fellow
Spanish (NOA) Amigos de Conejos, Viento y Cielo Friends of Bunnies, Wind and Sky
Spanish (NOE) Colega de conejos, viento y cielo Mate of bunnies, wind and sky