Revenge of the Topman Tribe

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Revenge of the Topman Tribe
SMG Dreadnought Galaxy Topmen.png
Location Dreadnought Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Topmaniac
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Revenge of the Topman Tribe is the third mission of the Dreadnought Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to defeat Topmaniac.


A Life Mushroom under the rocket before the minefield.

The player starts on a UFO with a Spring Topman the player can use as a spring to reach a Sling Star, which will send the player to the above planet. Knocking the two Spiky Topmen into the Electric Fence in the center will destroy it and free the Luma trapped inside. As thanks, the Luma will transform into a Sling Star that will send the player to a cube planet where the player needs to activate a switch that will cause five Blue Star Chips to appear around the cube. Collecting them all will create two Pull Stars the player has to use to reach a Launch Star, which will send the player to an area above the Dreadnought. Using Pull Stars, the player has to navigate a field of cannonballs and Floating Mines to reach a Launch Star that will send the player to a large landing platform with many spiked Ring Beamers, whose beam lengths are indicated by the circles on the ground. The Launch Star at the end will take the player to Topmaniac's Saucer, and climbing to the platform on top will begin the battle.

Topmaniac acts much like how he did in the previous battle, and the method of defeating him remains the same: The player must jump onto Topmaniac to retract his blades, then spin into him to knock him into the electric fence. However, the electric fences are aligned differently in this battle, and Topmaniac calls in two Spiky Topmen to assist him as soon as the battle begins. Sending Topmaniac into the electric fences a total of three times will defeat him and reward the player with the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベーゴマン一族の復讐
Bēgoman ichizoku no fukushū
The revenge of Topmen Tribe
Spanish (NOE) La venganza de los Trompos The Topmen's revenge
French (NOE) La revanche du clan Begoman The revenge of the Topman clan
Italian Robopunte Vendicative Revengeful Topmen
Korean 팽이 일족의 복수
Paeng-ui iljogui boksu
The Revenge of Topmen Tribe