Trial Galaxies

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The Planet of Trials, from which the three Trial Galaxies can be accessed
“The Trial Galaxies merely reflect your own abilities. You may find great joy...or great disappointment. You may try three types of trials. If you truly are the one who can save the universe, you will pass them all.”
Green Luma, Super Mario Galaxy

The Trial Galaxies are a group of three particularly difficult levels found in Super Mario Galaxy. They are the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, the Bubble Blast Galaxy, and the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy.

If the player recovers three special Green Stars, three Green Lumas will appear on the Comet Observatory, which will then activate a green Launch Star located near the Garage. By using it, Mario or Luigi is able to access the Planet of Trials, a small planet orbiting the Comet Observatory. There, three more Green Lumas will each transform into an additional green Launch Star when talked to. These Launch Stars will take Mario or Luigi to the three Trial Galaxies. Once the player has collected all 120 Power Stars in the game with both Mario and Luigi, a fourth Green Luma will appear on the reverse side of the Planet of Trials. This Green Luma will allow the player to go to the Grand Finale Galaxy when Mario or Luigi talks to it.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チャレンジギャラクシー
Charenji gyarakushī
Challenge Galaxies
French Galaxie des épreuves Trials Galaxy
German Challenge-Galaxien Challenge galaxies
Italian Galassie Sfide Challenge Galaxies
Spanish Galaxias Reto Challenge Galaxies