Spooky Speedster

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Spooky Speedster
Spooky Speedster
Species Boo
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
“Ehee hee hee! So you're after it too? Well, you'll have to race me for it!”
Spooky Speedster, Super Mario Galaxy

The Spooky Speedster is a character from Super Mario Galaxy. He is a Boo wearing a helmet and a visor, and he challenges Mario to a race for a Power Star.

Mario races him in Ghostly Galaxy during A Very Spooky Sprint, during which Mario must use Pull Stars to navigate through the track. He also meets him in the Boo's Boneyard Galaxy during its only mission, Racing the Spooky Speedster. Here, Mario must turn into Boo Mario and race through a tunnel. When Mario meets the Spooky Speedster, he calls the Power Star "it", assuming Mario is also after "it". If Mario reaches the finish area first, the Spooky Speedster gives him the Power Star. However, if Spooky Speedster gets to the Power Star first, Mario loses a life.

Along with Cosmic Mario, he is a rough equivalent to Koopa the Quick and Il Piantissimo. When he starts a race he pulls his visor down over his eyes.

Super Mario Galaxy Trading Card Description[edit]


Mario encounters this restless spirit deep in the Ghostly Galaxy. Spooky Speedster is a Boo that challenges Mario to a race through the cosmos for a Power Star. Mario must use Pull Stars to navigate the creepy, bone-ridden course. If he beats him, Spooky will graciously award the celestial prize.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレサレーサー
Teresa rēsā
Boo Racer
French Boo fonceur Dashing Boo
German Buu Huu Wettläufer Boo racer
Italian Fantasmagorico[1]
Gara Boo[2]
Race(r) Boo


Boo wearing a Daisy's team helmet and resembling Spooky Speedster
  • The Spooky Speedster resembles a Boo on Daisy's team with a helmet from Mario Strikers Charged.
  • Though the Spooky Speedster says he is also racing for the Power Star, when Mario wins, he appears to already have it.
  • During the race, when Spooky Speedster is close to Mario, drums play with the music.


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