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Lady Bow told me not to sell anything to Mario. You're him.”
Igor, Paper Mario
Mario and Bombette in Boo's Shop in Boo's Mansion
Igor (right) running his shop
Species Boo
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

Igor is the Boo that runs the shop in Boo's Mansion in Paper Mario. When Mario first enters the shop, Igor will refuse to sell him anything under the orders of Lady Bow. Once Lady Bow has joined Mario's party, Igor's shop is open for Mario. There is also a letter that Mario can deliver to Igor for a Star Piece. Goombario's tattle for the Boo suggests, "Maybe was a merchant before he became a Boo." His motto, revealed when the player delivers his letter, is "From Boo to you with a smile."


  • "This Boo runs the shop. Nice selection, huh? I'm sure he's cornered the Boo market around here. Maybe he was a merchant before he became a Boo. I bet Bow orders most of this."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラウス

Chinese (simplified) 克劳斯[1]