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Species Koopa Paratroopa
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“'Come rain or snow or sleet or Shy Guys...' We're supposed to deliver no matter what!”
Postmaster, Paper Mario

The postmaster is a postal worker Paratroopa who lives in Toad Town and runs the town's Toad Town Post Office in Paper Mario. According to Goombario, the postmaster is extremely serious, stubborn and hardheaded.

In Paper Mario, the postmaster can be found behind a desk in the Post Office; if Mario talks to him, the postmaster will let Mario read various letters sent to his partners by various people and organizations they have met in their travels.

When Shy Guys cause havoc in Toad Town, the postmaster has a bag of mail stolen from him by a Shy Guy. If Mario finds this mailbag and the letters it contains, he can return it to the Postmaster and receive a Star Piece as a reward. As Mario talks to him while the mailbag is stolen, and as he says that the post office failed their duty as they do not let hardships stop them, he references the United States Postal Service creed.

When Mario returns to Toad Town after his adventures on Lavalava Island, a Toad in the town will mention the postmaster. The Toad will go on to recount that while he was eating lunch at Club 64 with him, the postmaster said he was worried about Parakarry's slowness in delivering mail. However, as the postmaster said this, he was smiling, which the Toad took to mean that the postmaster was secretly proud of having found a successor.


  • "This Paratroopa looks extremely serious. And stubborn. And hardheaded. If you have a letter coming, he'll give it to you. I wonder if he has one for me."