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Rosie from Paper Mario.
Species Flower Spirit
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Oh…♡ Such loveliness… I’ve gotten so beautiful that I’m starting to scare myself!♡”
Rosie, Paper Mario

Rosie is a vain Flower Spirit that appears in the western path of Flower Fields in Paper Mario. In Chapter 6, Mario asks Rosie for her Water Stone to give to Lily, but Rosie refuses to give Mario the jewel unless he finds something prettier. By giving Rosie the Crystal Berry, Rosie gives Mario the Water Stone. Rosie then states that she only saved Lily's life so there would be one more flower alive to witness her beauty.

Goombario's tattle[edit]

  • "What do you know? A rose called Rosie! She loves it here in the garden. She's pretty full of herself. I guess she thinks she's the prettiest of all flowers. She is quite beautiful... She has a strange way of expressing herself, though..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バーバラ
Pun on「薔薇」(bara, rose) and the female given name "Barbara"

Chinese (simplified) 玫瑰[1]