Air Raid

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Paper Mario move
Air Raid
Parakarry using Air Raid on Swoopulas during a battle in Crystal Palace.
Mastered by Parakarry
Rank Ultra Rank
Effect Parakarry zooms across the screen, damaging every enemy.
Target All Enemies
Attack Power 6

Air Raid is the last move that Parakarry can learn in Paper Mario upon reaching Ultra Rank. Its name comes from a term that refers to a certain attack by armed airplanes. For six FP, Parakarry zooms across the screen, attacking all enemies. Damage will increase if the player repeatedly pushes the control stick to the left, resulting in up to six damage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みだれとび
Fly Wildly About

Chinese 空袭
Air Raid

French Raid Aérien
Air Raid
German Walküre
Spanish Asalto Aéreo
Air Assault