Air Lift

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Paper Mario move
Air Lift
Parakarry using his Special Move Air Lift on a Paragloomba.
Mastered by Parakarry
Rank Super Rank
Effect Parakarry carries an enemy out of the battle.
Target Any single enemy

Air Lift is one of the moves that Parakarry can use in Paper Mario upon reaching the Super Rank. If performed correctly, Air Lift allows Parakarry to carry an enemy out of a battle (effectively acting as an "instant KO" attack). The move requires the player to rapidly press the A Button button in order to fill a gauge, and consumes three FP upon use. Different enemies have different resistances to Air Lift, and require more or less inputs to fill the bar. The chance of carrying away an enemy is equivalent to how much the bar is filled out, and is guaranteed if 100% is reached. However some foes such as bosses can be fully immune to the move, and Parakarry will also fail to touch enemies with spikes or flames on top of them, instead taking damage himself. Enemies defeated by an Air Lift won't yield any Star Points.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はこびだし[1]
Carry Out

Chinese 空运

French Envol
German Abtransport
Spanish Viaje Aéreo
Air Travel


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