Hyper Goomba

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Hyper Goomba
Hyper Goomba.png
Artwork of a Hyper Goomba from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
Variant of Goomba
Hyper Paragoomba
Hyper Spiky Goomba

Hyper Goombas are green Goombas that first appeared in Paper Mario. They live in Gusty Gulch, including the space beneath the Windy Mill. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door revealed that Hyper Goombas and their clan also live in Twilight Trail.

Hyper Goombas have the ability to raise their attack power by 6, allowing them to do a lot of damage. It is highly suggested that they are defeated before they can attack.


Paper Mario[edit]

Paper Mario Enemy
Hyper Goomba
HyperGoomba PM.png Max HP 7 Attack 1 Defense 0 Type Ground
Level 12 Strong None Weak None Moves Headbonk (1), Charge Up, Missile-Bonk (8)
Sleep? 80%, 0 Dizzy? 80%, 0 Shock? 100%, 0 Shrink? 80%, 0
Stop? 90%, 0 Fright? 80% Air Lift? 90% Hurricane? 90%
Coins 1 + 0-2 Items Dried Shroom Run 24 Location(s) Gusty Gulch, Windy Mill
Tattle This is a Hyper Goomba. Hyper Goombas are crazy, uncivilized Goombas living in Gusty Gulch. Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0 They sometimes charge their power before attacking. That charged attack will take away 8 HP, so watch out when they start to glow. It's a good idea to use Bow or an item to become transparent. The attack will miss for sure.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Enemy
Hyper Goomba
Hyper Goomba.png Max HP 8 Attack 2 Defense 0 Location(s) Twilight Trail
Sleep? 80% Dizzy? 80% Confuse? 80% Tiny? 95%
Stop? 90% Soft? 95% Burn? 100% Freeze? 80%
Fright? 90% Gale Force? 80% KO? 95% Moves Headbonk (2), Charge Up (ATK+6), Missilebonk (8)
Level 15 Exp. points 0 Coins 1 - 3 Items Boo's Sheet, Fright Mask (drop only), Ice Storm, Life Shroom, Repel Cape, Tasty Tonic (drop only)
Log When this hyperactive Goomba charges up, its Attack Power rises to 8, so watch yourself!
Tattle That's a Hyper Goomba. Which means... Umm... It's a hyperactive Goomba. Duh! Max HP is 8, Attack is 2, and Defense is 0. But if this nut goes BIZZ-ZOW and charges up, his Attack power will be 8 next turn! So you'd better wipe it out between the time it charges up and the time it attacks! And if you can't beat him, then run away, OK?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハイパークリボー
Haipā Kuribō
Hyper Goomba
French Hyper Goomba -
German Hyper-Gumba Hyper Goomba
Italian Iper Goomba Hyper Goomba
Chinese 超级栗子小子
Chāojí Lìzi Xiǎozi
Super Goomba