Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba

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Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba

Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba is the first Papercraft boss in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It is fought in Sunbeam Plains when a Papercraft Goomba blocks the entrance to Doop Doop Dunes. It resembles Megasparkle Goomba from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. A Paper Goomba pilots it during the battle.


Papercraft Mario is used to battle Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba. Before the fight begins, Papercraft Mario must defeat several Papercraft Goombas. Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba attacks by charging or by being thrown on top of Papercraft Mario. If Papercraft Mario charges into Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba from behind or from the front while the latter is preparing a charge, it will be knocked off its stand, at which point Papercraft Mario can jump on it to deal massive damage. Once Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba loses half of its HP, it will swerve and turn around more frequently, making it harder to hit from behind.

Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba reappears during the Papercraft battle in Neo Bowser Castle, where it is treated as a normal enemy. It behaves the same way, although as Papercraft Fire Mario is used for this fight, three consecutive fireballs can be used to immediately make Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba's back vulnerable. Unlike in Sunbeam Plains, there is no Paper Goomba piloting it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Titancarton Goomba Mégaplié Mega folded Papercraft (Titancarton) Goomba
Italian Modellone Boss Goomba Boss Goomba Papercraft