Papercraft Bowser Jr.

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Papercraft Bowser Jr.

Papercraft Bowser Jr. is the third Papercraft boss in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It is fought in Mount Brrr near Bowser's villa, and is piloted by Bowser Jr. and Paper Bowser Jr.


Papercraft Peach is used for the battle. Before Papercraft Bowser Jr. appears, Papercraft Peach must defeat several Papercraft Mechakoopas and Papercraft Spikes. Papercraft Bowser Jr. begins by trying to evade Papercraft Peach, who must catch up with him. Once engaged, Papercraft Bowser Jr. summons a Papercraft Mechakoopa, and can attack by charging or by using a boxing glove hidden behind its shell which knocks Papercraft Peach off its stand if it hits. However, Papercraft Peach can use a charging attack while Papercraft Bowser Jr. prepares the boxing glove to knock him off. After losing a third of its HP, two Papercraft Spikes appear and Papercraft Bowser Jr. fires Papercraft Koopa Shells at Papercraft Peach from a long distance away. Papercraft Peach must use its blocking ability to break through the shells and engage Papercraft Bowser Jr. During the final phase of the battle, Papercraft Bowser Jr. drops three Papercraft Bob-ombs in a row, and Papercraft Peach must use its parasol to hit Papepercraft Bowser Jr. with one of them to engage it.

Papercraft Bowser Jr. reappears during the Papercraft battle in Neo Bowser Castle, where it is treated as a normal enemy. This time, Papercraft Fire Mario is used and the Bowser Jr. duo no longer pilots it. Papercraft Bowser Jr. has the same attacks, although when it drops Papercraft Bob-ombs, Papercraft Fire Mario's fireballs must be used to detonate them and allow Papercraft Bowser Jr. to be engaged.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Titancarton Bowser Jr.
Papercraft Bowser Jr.
Italian Modellone Bowser Junior
Bowser Junior Papercraft