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Dropchopper as it appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
BP/SP/CP needed 7
Location Mount Pajamaja (DT)
Doop Doop Dunes (PJ)
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Latest appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Dream Team description Tilt the 3DS left and right to pilot the craft once Mario and Luigi grab on. Jump up with the A and B buttons! If you grab on quickly, you'll fly higher. Press the prompted button when you're above a foe for a devastating slam!
Paper Jam description Move the Dropchopper above Mario's and Luigi's head using the Circle Pad. Press A for Mario to grab on and B for Luigi. The faster they both grab it, the higher it goes. Aim for your enemies using the Circle Pad, and press the top character's button to release!
Screenshot of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Mario and Luigi about to drop down on the enemies in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Dropchopper being performed in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Dropchopper in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Dropchopper is Luigi's third available Bros. Attack in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. In the former, Luigi obtains the 10 Attack Pieces for this attack on Mount Pajamaja. In the latter, Luigi obtains this Bros. Attack after the trio drill-dashes Nabbit between Doop Doop Dunes and Mount Brrr. It costs 7 BP (4 if Casual Bros is equipped) to use this attack, and its damage is given Jump attributes, doing critical damage on enemies weak to jump attacks.

Upon using the attack, Mario and Luigi run into the foreground, and the Dropchopper begins floating in mid-air near the bros. as they run towards the group of enemies. Tilting the 3DS makes the chopper move in the direction the handheld is tilted in (the Circle Pad is used instead in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam). Once the Dropchopper is above one of the bros, the player must press A Button or B Button, depending on which bro the chopper is above. Once Mario and Luigi have both grabbed onto the Dropchopper, it slowly rises into the air. The player can continue to tilt the 3DS to change the target area below. Once the Dropchopper hovers above an enemy, either A Button or B Button must be pressed to cause the Dropchopper to drill down into whatever is currently below it with tremendous force, heavily damaging the enemy it directly hits and moderately damaging enemies in the target circle with the impact's shockwave. The attack fails if both Mario and Luigi cannot grab onto the chopper in time, and if a single Bro manages to grab on, the attack continues as normal but deals minimal damage. Also, if a stack of Biddybuds are hit, the entire stack takes damage all at once.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラコプター
Portmanteau of "fly" and "helicopter"
Dutch Valkopter Drop Chopper
French (NOE) Floracoptère From "flora" (flower) and "hélicoptère" (helicopter)
German Flatterkopter From "flattern" (to flutter) and "helikopter" (helicopter)
Italian Fratellicottero From "fratelli" (brothers) and "elicottero" (helicopter)
Korean 플라콥터 From "플라이" (peullai, fly) and "헬리콥터" (hellikopteo, helicopter)
Portuguese Floricóptero From "flor" (flower) and "helicóptero" (helicopter)
Russian Вертосброс
From "вертолёт" (vertolyot, helicopter) and "сброс" (sbros, jump)
Spanish (NOA) Aplastacóptero From "aplastar" (crush) and "helicóptero" (helicopter)
Spanish (NOE) Floricóptero From "flor" (flower) and "helicóptero" (helicopter)