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Not to be confused with Juke Box.
Jukebox option with Mario and Luigi
The Jukebox with Mario and Luigi

The Jukebox is an unlockable option in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. By finishing the game, the player can listen to all 51 songs heard during the game. The Jukebox is played through three loudspeakers at Pi'illo Castle, with the Bros. sleeping on the beds between them, Mario sleeping on Eldream's pillow form and Luigi sleeping on Prince Dreambert's pillow form. The player can listen to the music through headphones even with the Nintendo 3DS closed, a feature that would later be used in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

The game's music was composed by Yoko Shimomura.

List of songs[edit]

Title Notes Length
Your Dream Adventure! The title theme. 2:13
Travel Journal The file select theme. 1:09
Enjoy the Joy! Plays when something good is happening. 1:27
Panic Pit Plays when something bad is currently happening, troublesome situations, and also, before some boss fights. 1:13
Comedic Curtains Plays during comedic scenes. 1:18
Shocking! Plays when a surprising event has occurred. 1:54
Nightmare Lullaby Plays when something bad is going to happen, also before some boss fights. 1:27
Ancient Pi'illo Kingdom Plays during cutscenes involving Pi'illo culture and during Kylie Koopa's photo puzzles. 3:14
Bowser's Theme Plays during cutscenes involving Bowser. 1:36
Antasma's Theme Plays during cutscenes involving Antasma and when the Zeekeeper shatters the barrier around Neo Bowser Castle. 1:37
Stand and Fight, Luigi! Plays when Dreamy Luigi turns into Giant Luigi and when Mario uses Star Driver in the Giant Bowser battle. 1:39
Dreambeats Plays during the cutscene where Bowser and Antasma use the loudspeakers to play the Dreambeats on the top of Mount Pajamaja. 1:33
Go with the Bros. Plays during non-battle tutorials and Bros. Attack/Luiginary Attack demo/practice. 1:45
Challenging Actions! Plays during challenges from Mad Skillathon and Battle Broque Madame and minigames. 1:36
The Nightmare Road Plays in the final section of Neo Bowser Castle and after Bowser transforms into Dreamy Bowser. 2:34
Peach's Castle Theme Plays during the cutscene with Peach's Castle. 3:12
Zeeppelin Sightseeing Tour Plays during the cutscene before tutorial battle. 1:07
Welcome to Pi'illo Blimport Plays in Pi'illo Blimport. 3:08
Break at Pi'illo Castle Plays in Pi'illo Castle. 2:23
Beneath Pi'illo Castle Plays in the "ancient hidden area" of Pi'illo Castle and the area after the bridge to Mushrise Park collapses. 2:19
Breezy Mushrise Park Plays in Mushrise Park. 3:03
Dozing Sands Secret Plays in Dozing Sands. 2:35
Shopping in Wakeport Plays in Wakeport. 2:16
The Law of Pajamaja Plays in the non-snowy parts of Mount Pajamaja. 3:45
Lofty Mount Pajamaja Plays in the snowy parts of Mount Pajamaja. 3:03
Sunny Driftwood Shore Plays in Driftwood Shore. 3:08
Mysteries of the Cave Plays in cave areas. 2:08
Sacred Somnom Woods Plays in Somnom Woods 4:07
Neo Bowser Castle Plays in the first three parts of Neo Bowser Castle. 3:45
Neo Bowser Castle's Illusion Plays in the first three rooms of the fourth part of Neo Bowser Castle. 4:07
Rose Broquet Plays in Rose Broquet. 2:17
Dreamy Castle Rendezvous Plays in Dreamy Pi'illo Castle. 2:37
Dreamy Mushrise Winds Plays in Dreamy Mushrise Park. 3:03
Dream's Forbidden Depths Plays in Dream's Deep. 2:47
Dreamy Sandstorm Plays in Dreamy Dozing Sands. 2:32
Dreamy Wakeport Repose Plays in Dreamy Wakeport. 2:22
Rules on Dreamy Mountain Plays in the non-snowy Dreamy Mount Pajamaja. 3:56
Glorious Pajamaja Dreams Plays in the snowy Dreamy Mount Pajamaja. 3:30
Dreamy Driftwood Meeting Plays in Dreamy Driftwood Shore. 3:08
Dreamy Somnom Labyrinth Plays in Dreamy Somnom Woods. 4:42
Neo Bowser Sunrise Plays in the first six Dream Worlds of Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle. 4:42
Bowser's Dream Plays in the last Dream World of Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle. 4:22
Try, Try Again Plays during fights in the real world. 3:56
Victory in the Dream World Plays during fights in the dream world. 3:06
Never Let Up! Plays during boss fights. 2:47
Size Up Your Enemy Plays during giant boss fights. 3:44
The Final Antasma Battle Plays during fights with Antasma. 2:50
Adventure's End Plays during the fight with Dreamy Bowser. 4:18
Joyous Occasion Plays after winning battles. 1:09
Pi'illo Vacation! (American)
Pi'illo Holiday! (British)
Plays during credits. 3:35
Memories of Pi'illo Island Plays on the Stats for This Playthrough screen. 2:00

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