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Not to be confused with Juke Box.
The Jukebox with Mario and Luigi

The Jukebox is an unlockable option in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. By finishing the game, the player can listen to all 51 songs heard during the game. The Jukebox is played through 3 loudspeakers at Pi'illo Castle, with Mario and Luigi sleeping on the beds between them. The player can listen to the music through headphones even with the Nintendo 3DS closed, a feature that would later be used in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

The game's music was composed by Yoko Shimomura.

List of songs[edit]

Title Notes Length
Your Dream Adventure! The title theme. 2:13
Travel Journal The file select theme. 1:09
Enjoy the Joy! Plays when something good is happening. 1:27
Panic Pit Plays when something bad is currently happening, also before some boss fights. 1:13
Comedic Curtains Plays during comedic scenes. 1:18
Shocking! Plays when a surprising event has occurred. 1:54
Nightmare Lullaby Plays when something bad is going to happen, also before some boss fights. 1:27
Ancient Pi'illo Kingdom Plays during cutscenes involving Pi'illo culture and during Kylie Koopa's photo puzzles. 3:14
Bowser's Theme Plays during cutscenes involving Bowser. 1:36
Antasma's Theme Plays during cutscenes involving Antasma and when the Zeekeeper shatters the barrier around Neo Bowser Castle. 1:37
Stand and Fight, Luigi! Plays when Dreamy Luigi turns into Giant Luigi. 1:39
Dreambeats Plays during the cutscene where Bowser and Antasma use the loudspeakers to play the Dreambeats on the top of Mount Pajamaja. 1:33
Go with the Bros. Plays during non-battle tutorials and Bros. Attack/Luiginary Attack demo/practice. 1:45
Challenging Actions! Plays during challenges from Mad Skillathon and Battle Broque Madame and minigames. 1:36
The Nightmare Road Plays in the final section of Neo Bowser Castle and after Bowser transforms into Dreamy Bowser. 2:34
Peach's Castle Theme Plays during the cutscene with Peach's Castle. 3:12
Zeeppelin Sightseeing Tour Plays during the cutscene before tutorial battle. 1:07
Welcome to Pi'illo Blimport Plays in Pi'illo Blimport. 3:08
Break at Pi'illo Castle Plays in Pi'illo Castle. 2:23
Beneath Pi'illo Castle Plays in the "ancient hidden area" of Pi'illo Castle and the area after the bridge to Mushrise Park collapses. 2:19
Breezy Mushrise Park Plays in Mushrise Park. 3:03
Dozing Sands Secret Plays in Dozing Sands. 2:35
Shopping in Wakeport Plays in Wakeport. 2:16
The Law of Pajamaja Plays in the non-snowy parts of Mount Pajamaja. 3:45
Lofty Mount Pajamaja Plays in the snowy parts of Mount Pajamaja. 3:03
Sunny Driftwood Shore Plays in Driftwood Shore. 3:08
Mysteries of the Cave Plays in cave areas. 2:08
Sacred Somnom Woods Plays in Somnom Woods 4:07
Neo Bowser Castle Plays in the first three parts of Neo Bowser Castle. 3:45
Neo Bowser Castle's Illusion Plays in the first three rooms of the fourth part of Neo Bowser Castle. 4:07
Rose Broquet Plays in Rose Broquet. 2:17
Dreamy Castle Rendezvous Plays in Dreamy Pi'illo Castle. 2:37
Dreamy Mushrise Winds Plays in Dreamy Mushrise Park. 3:03
Dream's Forbidden Depths Plays in Dream's Deep. 2:47
Dreamy Sandstorm Plays in Dreamy Dozing Sands. 2:32
Dreamy Wakeport Repose Plays in Dreamy Wakeport. 2:22
Rules on Dreamy Mountain Plays in the non-snowy Dreamy Mount Pajamaja. 3:56
Glorious Pajamaja Dreams Plays in the snowy Dreamy Mount Pajamaja. 3:30
Dreamy Driftwood Meeting Plays in Dreamy Driftwood Shore. 3:08
Dreamy Somnom Labyrinth Plays in Dreamy Somnom Woods. 4:42
Neo Bowser Sunrise Plays in the first six Dream Worlds of Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle. 4:42
Bowser's Dream Plays in the last Dream World of Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle. 4:22
Try, Try Again Plays during fights in the real world. 3:56
Victory in the Dream World Plays during fights in the dream world. 3:06
Never Let Up! Plays during boss fights. 2:47
Size Up Your Enemy Plays during giant boss fights. 3:44
The Final Antasma Battle Plays during fights with Antasma. 2:50
Adventure's End Plays during the fight with Dreamy Bowser. 4:18
Joyous Occasion Plays after winning battles. 1:09
Pi'illo Holiday! Plays during credits. 3:35
Memories of Pi'illo Island Plays on the Stats for This Playthrough screen. 2:00

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