List of Yoshi's Crafted World in-game music

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In the Scrapbook for Yoshi's Crafted World, the player can access a list of music tracks where they can listen to music they have heard throughout the game. Most of the level tracks are arrangements of the game's main theme (marked below with an asterisk), although others, such as the boss music, are original pieces. The Scrapbook features a total of 20 tracks, although the credits theme, cutscene music, victory fanfares, the music heard before minigames, and the music heard before and after the Skelesaurus chase are absent. The game's soundtrack was composed by Kazufumi Umeda.

# Song title Song Description
1 Title Plays on the title screen.
2 World Map Plays on the map screen. It is an arrangement of "Title." In the game, the song would start off with few instruments, and more would be added as the player defeats the game's bosses, similar to the Yoshi's Island games.
3 Main Theme Plays in the levels Rail-Yard Run, Poochy's Tape Trail, Spring Sprung Trail, Poochy's Sweet Run, Windward Way, Jumping to Victory, Bombs Away on Pirate Island, Exploring the Animal Kingdom, and Ride the River.
4 A Teeny, Tiny Universe* Plays in Many Fish in the Sea, the space portion of The Countdown Begins, Ride the Stars, and Space-Hub Hubbub.
5 Ducking through Danger Plays in the levels Pirate Pier, The Shogun's Castle, and Mr. Geary's Factory.
6 Go for the Flower! Plays in the minigame levels Go-Go Yoshi, Monty-Mole-B-Gone, Altitude Adjustment, Hoop-Jump Hop, Jungle Tour Challenge, and Solar Zoom.
7 Yoshi's Expedition* Plays in the levels Mine-Cart Cave, Dino Smash, Poochy's Magma Run, and Hoppin' Higher.
8 Beyond the Wild* Plays in the levels Whistlestop Rails, Mousers and Magnets, and Open, Shut!
9 Yards of Yarn* Plays in the levels Stitched Together, Yoshi Pulls Some Strings, and Weighing Acorns.
10 Floppy March* Plays in Spinwheel Shuffle and the land portion of The Countdown Begins.
11 Nighttime Crafts* Plays in the levels Haunted Maker Mansion, Be Afraid of the Dark, and Skulking Around.
12 Icy Oceans* Plays in the level Slip-Slide Isle.
13 Dwelling Place of the Ninja* Plays in the levels Deceptive Doors and Behind the Shoji.
14 Round and Round* Plays in all three levels of Hidden Hills: Rough Rolling, Under Siege, and Floppin' and Poppin'.
15 Big, Beefy Boss Plays during mini-boss battles.
16 Bigger, Beefier Boss Plays during boss battles (except the final boss).
17 Clickity-Clack Attack Plays during the Skelesaurus chase in Skelesaurus Wrecks.
18 The Great King Bowser Plays during the first phase of the Great King Bowser's boss battle.
19 Final Fights and Last Hurrahs Plays during the second phase of the Great King Bowser's boss battle.
20 What's It Gonna Be?! Plays when using a capsule machine.
21 Credits Plays during the credits sequence.