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Mario inside the Sticker Museum
“Welcome to the Sticker Museum! A place to preserve all the wondrous stickers in the world for posterity!”
Green Toad, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Sticker Museum is a grand museum hidden underground in Decalburg in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. At first, the door leading to it is locked. Once the Green Toad trapped under the fountain in Decalburg's plaza is rescued, he rewards Mario by revealing the Sticker Museum he has built with his "vast fortune". This area uses a remix of the Decalburg theme. The museum is separated into two sections, one half for Thing Stickers (the blue section on the left side) and the other for Battle Stickers (the orange section on the right side).

The Sticker Museum is, at first, empty; the frames that should contain stickers are all blank. Stickers can be placed in spots via Paperization, thus completing their entry. Entries for battle stickers give a power rating, attack range, and unique description. Thing Stickers provide a view of the Thing, the thing sticker, and a description. If Mario owns any stickers in his album that are not in the museum, the section containing the sticker's location lights up. Once inside a section, a faint outline of the sticker determines where to place it. Speaking to the curator tells Mario how many stickers he has placed, and how many more he needs to place. Mario's walking speed in the Sticker Museum is slightly sped up to navigate faster.

There are 64 Thing Stickers and 96 Battle Stickers total, and completing each section unveils a new exhibit. Completing the Battle Stickers section unlocks an enemy gallery with enemy attack patterns, and completing the Thing Sticker section unlocks a music gallery. The only stickers that are not included are Kersti and the Flip-flop sticker. Completing both sections will make the curator promote Mario to Honorary Curator and Kersti to Vice Curator, although this does not have any actual effect.

Enemy gallery[edit]

The player can pay one coin to view a series of enemy attack patterns through a pair of binoculars. Each enemy attacks a cardboard cutout of Mario, with the setting of each "battle" scene differing depending on the enemy, and also shows its damage and dizzy animation. While viewing an enemy, the player can use the Circle Pad Circle Pad to change the viewing angle. The player can only view the enemies for a limited amount of time before the viewing time runs out and they must pay another coin to view again from where they left off.

Music gallery[edit]

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“Feel free to kick back on the sofa and relax to your favorite background music.”
Signpost (American English version)
“Get comfy on the sofa, relax and listen to your favourite background music.”
Signpost (British English version)

In the music gallery, Mario sits on a sofa while music plays through speakers and an album cover representing the current song is displayed overhead. The songs can only be played sequentially: the player can press A Button to skip to the next song, otherwise the song skips automatically after it has looped once.

29 of the game's songs are playable in the gallery. Song titles marked with an asterisk (*) are the titles used in the British English version of the game.

Image Song Notes
PMSS Detective Mario.png Detective Mario Plays in Decalburg when Mario has to rescue the Toads following the Sticker Fest.
PMSS The Rampaging Din.png The Rampaging Din
The Terrible Din*
Plays in cutscenes involving troublesome situations, first playing when Kersti accuses Mario of touching the Sticker Comet.
PMSS Kersti the Sticker.png Kersti the Sticker Plays when Kersti is introduced and when Mario rescues her in Rustle Burrow.
PMSS Blue Skies White Clouds.png Blue Skies, White Clouds Plays in grassland levels: Warm Fuzzy Plains, Bouquet Gardens, Water's Edge Way, Hither Thither Hill, Whammino Mountain, and the first area of Drybake Desert and Leaflitter Path. The song incorporates the Ground Theme from Super Mario Bros.
PMSS Dont Call Me Flunky.png Don't Call Me Flunky Plays when the three Goombas confront Mario in Decalburg before the first battle in the game, and when the two Boomerang Bros. confront Mario in Leaflitter Path before their battle.
PMSS My Things.png My Things Plays in cutscenes involving Bowser Jr.
PMSS Unstoppable Fury.png Unstoppable Fury Plays when the Goomba Wheel attacks Mario. The song is a more aggressive arrangement of "Don't Call Me Flunky".
PMSS The Tension.png The Tension
Plays during the cutscene before a boss fight.
PMSS A Thousand Miles Away.png A Thousand Miles Away
Beyond the Mirage*
Plays in outdoor desert levels: Drybake Desert, Yoshi Sphinx, outside Sandshifter Ruins and Drybake Stadium, and Damp Oasis during the sandstorm.
PMSS Scarlet Wings.png Scarlet Wings Plays when the three Paratroopas attack Mario in Yoshi Sphinx.
PMSS The Blue Wizard.png The Blue Wizard Plays in cutscenes involving Kamek.
PMSS Woods of Poison.png Woods of Poison Plays in World 3 levels while the woods are poisoned.
PMSS Because Im Angry.png Because I'm Angry Plays when the Wiggler or a Wiggler Segment becomes angry.
PMSS Cant Catch Me.png Can't Catch Me Plays when a Wiggler Segment runs away and when the Wiggler transports Mario between the beach and the shipwreck at Whitecap Beach. The song is a faster-paced arrangement of "Because I'm Angry".
PMSS Snifit or Whiffit song.png Snifit or Whiffit
Hit It or Snifit!*
Plays during the Snifit or Whiffit game show.
PMSS Sorrow on the Waves.png Sorrow on the Waves Plays in the shipwreck area in Whitecap Beach.
PMSS Danger at Surfshine Harbor.png Danger at Surfshine Harbor
Danger at Surfshine Harbour*
Plays in Surfshine Harbor after the Big Cheep Cheep appears.
PMSS Swinging Swing.png Swinging Swing Plays during Birdo's performance in Snow Rise.
PMSS The Enigmansion song.png The Enigmansion Plays while inside the Enigmansion. The song incorporates the Ghost House theme from Super Mario World and "Waltz of the Boos" from Super Mario Galaxy.
PMSS Boo Night Fever.png Boo Night Fever Plays during the Boo disco fight in the Enigmansion.
PMSS Give Me a Lift.png Give Me a Lift Plays while Mario is on a chairlift in Whiteout Valley. The song is an arrangement of the athletic theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
PMSS Go Go Trolley.png Go Go Trolley!
Go, Go, Trolley!*
Plays while Mario is on a minecart in Bowser's Snow Fort. The song is an arrangement of "Slider" from Super Mario 64.
PMSS Jungly Jungle.png Jungly Jungle Plays in jungle levels: Shy Guy Jungle, Jungle Rapids, and the end of Long Fall Falls.
PMSS Approach of the Giant Fish.png Approach of the Giant Fish Plays in Long Fall Falls.
PMSS Ruins Explorer.png Ruins Explorer Plays in Chomp Ruins.
PMSS Its Hot So Hot.png It's Hot (So Hot) Plays in Rugged Road and Rumble Volcano. The song is an arrangement of "Jungly Jungle".
PMSS Flapping Wings Ascend.png Flapping Wings Ascend
Soaring Through the Sky*
Plays when the Flutter flies Mario to Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla from Gate Cliff. The song is a more uplifting arrangement of "Because I'm Angry".
PMSS Battleship.png Battleship Plays in Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla. The song is an arrangement of the airship theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
PMSS The Giant Arises.png The Giant Arises Plays when Bowser appears in Bowser's Sky Castle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シール博物館
Shīru Hakubutsukan
Seal Museum
Chinese 贴纸博物馆 (Simplified)
貼紙博物館 (Traditional)
Tiēzhǐ Bówùguǎn
Sticker Museum

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