Sticker Fest

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Princess Peach presenting the Sticker Fest
Princess Peach presiding over the Sticker Fest

The Sticker Fest is an annual event celebrated in the Mushroom Kingdom's town of Decalburg, the setting for the opening scene of the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The event, held by Princess Peach, welcomes the Sticker Comet which falls from the sky on the night. It is believed that the Sticker Comet is able to grant wishes. During the game's opening cut-scene, Peach can be seen standing on a stage in front of a large audience. The Sticker Comet then falls from the sky and hovers above the stage on a roped-off display. The Toads in the audience cheer in awe of the comet. Shortly afterward, Bowser gate-crashes the celebration and takes the Sticker Comet's power, which later causes the destruction of that year's Sticker Fest. After the incident, Mario recovers and soon meets Kersti, a powerful Sticker who came from the Sticker Star to grant everyone's wishes at the Sticker Fest. She requests Mario to help her recover the Royal Stickers that were split from the Sticker Comet during the Sticker Fest.

Later in the game, it is revealed that several Toads are attempting to rebuild the celebration grounds in order to revive the Sticker Fest. These efforts succeed, as the entire ceremonial grounds are restored later. After defeating Bowser, Mario wishes that everything would return to normal; everyone appears on the stage at the grounds of the Sticker Fest, the Sticker Comet reconstructed and numerous Toads celebrating.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シールフェスタ
Shīru Fesuta
Seal Festa

Chinese 贴纸嘉年华 (Simplified)
貼紙嘉年華 (Traditional)
Tiēzhǐ Jiā'niánhuá
Sticker Carnival

French (NOA) Fête des collants
Stickers festival
French (NOE) Fête des stickers
Stickers festival
German Stickerfest
Sticker Festival
Italian Sticker Fest
Spanish (NOA) Feria de la estampa
Stamp fair
Spanish (NOE) Feria de la pegatina
Sticker fair