Surfshine Harbor

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Surfshine Harbor
Mario on some boat in a harbor.
Mario on the deck of a boat.
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
Greater location Mushroom Kingdom
Inhabitants Toads

Surfshine Harbor (parsed Surfshine Harbour in the British English version) is a port located north of Decalburg in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is known for its boat that can be used to travel to World 4, World 5, and World 6.


Surfshine Harbor is available to enter when Mario first unrolls Decalburg. Here, there is a warehouse with a strangely positioned door. It can be re-placed with Paperize. Once in, Mario can go out the back door and around to get to a secret area with the Vacuum and an HP-Up Heart.

While Mario and Kersti are hunting for the Wiggler Segments, the last one which is covered in poison and spills all over the place attempts to use the boat to reach the island where the poison is coming from, but the Toad who owns the boat stops it from doing so. Mario then departs with the segment.

Mario and Kersti once again travel here when the first three Royal Stickers are collected. They find the boat there is broken. Mario must travel down to the basement of the middle warehouse to find it is pitch-dark. A Lightbulb must be placed via Paperize to brighten the room to reveal a sleeping Toad and the Ship Wheel scrap. The scrap can then be placed on the boat and cause the Toad to rush in and attempt to get the boat running. However, the boat does not budge, and Mario discovers it is still tied to a stake. Cutting the rope with a Scissors-type sticker enables the Toad to move the boat out of the harbor.

Suddenly, a Big Cheep Cheep attacks the ship and must be defeated. After this, the Toad decides to retire from sailing, and allows Mario to use the boat as much as he wants.


The harbor consists of two areas - the warehouses and the dock. There are three warehouses, one of which has a basement. Another has a Big Shiny Hammer sticker. The third has a passage to the back. They are all connected by an upper floor with the Vacuum and an HP-Up Heart.

The dock is fairly simple. The boat is to the far right, ready for use. There is a small dock with a few Toads looking at the sea. Also, there is a hidden area behind some boxes with a stake used for tying boats to the dock.

Area Tattle[edit]

Main Area[edit]

  • Smell the salt on the air? The sea is nearby.


  • A lot of this stuff looks like rubbish. And a lot of it looks like it's not so rubbish.

Dark Room[edit]

  • I can't see anything, so I can't say anything. Sorry.

Boat Area[edit]

  • The waves are shiny just like me! Surfshine Harbor's the perfect name. (NA)
  • The waves are shiny just like me! Surfshine Harbour's the perfect name. (EU)
  • That thing is enormous! Surely that can't be normal! (When the Big Cheep Cheep is around)

Inside the Boat[edit]

  • This boat is made out of paper. I'm pretty impressed that it doesn't, you know, sink.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラナミハーバー
Kiranami Hābā
Shining Waves Harbor
Chinese 闪浪海港 (Simplified)
閃浪海港 (Traditional)
Shǎnlàng Hǎigǎng
Wave-shining Harbor
French (NOA) Port Vagues luisantes Shiny Waves Harbor
French (NOE) Port-L'Écume
German Stickersförde Sticker Fjords
Italian Porto lucente Shining port
Spanish (NOA) Puerto Cresta Alba Daybreak Crest Harbor
Spanish (NOE) Puerto Cartón Cardboard Harbor