Warm Fuzzy Plains

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Warm Fuzzy Plains
Mario at the start of the level.
Level code W1-1
World World 1
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Boss Bowser Jr.
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“I just love these Warm Fuzzy Plains. The sun always shines here!”
Toad, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Warm Fuzzy Plains is World 1-1 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Here, Mario learns how to Paperize and receives his first Thing. There are many Toads and signs that give the player information about gameplay. It is a grassy area with several fences. There is a bridge over a river about halfway through the level.


Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. appears.

In this area, the Toads are on a hunt for stickers. They mention that one Toad has gone ahead. As Mario is about to cross the bridge, a Toad runs into him and drops the Scissors Sticker. He lets Mario have the sticker, then runs off, telling Mario to fight the scary monster. Bowser Jr. arrives in his Junior Clown Car and battles Mario. After Mario defeats him by using the Scissors Sticker, Bowser Jr. becomes angry and moves the bridge to a high ledge that Mario cannot reach. Mario goes back to the Toads and asks them for help in retrieving the bridge. The Toads form stairs so that Mario can get the bridge, and Kersti teaches Mario how to paperize. Mario continues going forward and finds his first Thing in a cave. Kersti does not know what it is, so they just put the Scissors in the album. Mario continues along the path until he sees a piece of the Sticker Comet. As Mario is about to get it, the three Goombas from Decalburg attempt to stop him and turn into three Paper-Cone Goombas and attack. They guard the piece until Mario defeats them. He then collects the piece of the Sticker Comet. Later, when Mario comes back with a Secret Door, he can stick it on a cliff outside the cave with the Scissors Thing to obtain the Thumbtack.


Mario finding some coins.

The Warm Fuzzy Plains have a fairly basic layout; it mostly comprises a flat grassland, with a small river and waterfall running through. A small set of hills is also found here, with a small hollow hidden in the cliffs that contains a Scissors item.

Secret Door[edit]

The outline for a Secret Door sticker is found along the cliff wall in the area with the cave Mario finds the Scissors. The door leads Mario to the Thumbtack.

Sticker upgrade spots[edit]

  • In the second map, above a stump.
  • In the third map, above a hexagonal formation of flowers that can be bloomed using the hammer.

Area Tattle[edit]

  • The Warm Fuzzy Plains sure do make a sticker feel warm and fuzzy. (NA)
  • The Warm Fuzzy Plains really do make a sticker feel warm and fuzzy. (EU)


  • We need to find those royal stickers! Let's get going!
  • That ripped-out bridge scrap is all the way up there! Do you think anyone can lend us a hand?
  • Let's take that torn-out bridge scrap back to where it was originally. I'll show you something good!
  • The bridge is fixed! Let's move on.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポカポカ平原
Pokapoka Heigen
Pleasantly Warm Plain

Chinese 暖暖平原
Nuǎnnuǎn Píngyuán
Warm Plains

French Plaines chaleureuses
Warm Plains
German Warme Kuschelfelder
Warm Cuddlefields
Italian Pianure Soffici
Soft Plains
Spanish Praderas Cálidas
Warm Meadows