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Snifit or Whiffit (known as Hit It or Snifit in the British English version of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and Whifit or Snifit in Paper Mario: Color Splash's game description in the Nintendo eShop) is a game show which appears in the Paper Mario series. The game first appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, replacing the role of the 64th Trivia Quiz-Off from Paper Mario, the 65th Trivia Quiz-Off and 66th Trivia Quiz-Off from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and the "That's My Merlee!" show from Super Paper Mario. A sequel to the show, called Snifit or Whiffit Seabed Edition, later appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. In both cases, the game is hosted by a Snifit known as the Host Snifit and has a Snifit audience.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

The logo for the Snifit or Whiffit game show in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Snifit or Whiffit as it appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

The show makes its first appearance in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, where it is accessed in World 3-10, Stump Glade. After Mario drops into a large, hollow stump, he finds himself in a darkened room. Suddenly, a spotlight appears, and the stage lights up, revealing a cheering crowd of Snifits. As it turns out, Mario and Kersti are on the set of a game show called Snifit or Whiffit. A host with the name Snifit appears and introduces himself and Mario to the viewers, then reveals the grand prize for clearing all of the show's challenges: an escaped Wiggler Segment. Mario is then given the choice of participating on the show or dropping out.

If Mario chooses to be a contestant on the show, he must clear three challenges to win. The first challenge is a basic true/false quiz, the second challenge is a Whack-a-Mole game, and the third challenge is a block shuffle game. After all three challenges are completed, Mario will receive the Wiggler Segment as his prize, the show will end, and Mario is taken backstage, where he can collect the Comet Piece to complete the level.

Backstage, the Snifit or Whiffit host talks to Mario in private, telling him he did a great job on the show and that they have prepared a special challenge for him, which also has a prize. Once again, Mario has the choice of accepting the challenge or bailing out. If he accepts, he will be taken to another stage, where the final challenge is played. If this challenge is completed, Mario is taken to his prize: the Radiator (if the bonus round is cleared and the Radiator has already been collected, the reward will be coins instead).

If Mario completes the challenges while a Wiggler Segment watches in the audience, it will inspire a new Wiggler's Diary entry.

The Snifit or Whiffit host and several Snifits also appear during the end parade.

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

Snifit or Whiffit in Cobalt Base
Seabed Edition, from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Paper Mario: Color Splash concept artwork.

The show reappears in Paper Mario: Color Splash, taking place in Cobalt Base. At the start of the level, a blue Snifit outside the building will offer to sell Mario a pack of cards for 1,000 coins, which contains all of the cards needed to get through each round. If Mario has already been on the show at least once, the Snifit will sell a Complete Set for 500 coins and a Bonus Set for 2,000 coins. While trying to get a blue Mini Paint Star, Mario and Huey will fall through a trapdoor, leading to a pipe which leads to a dark area underwater. Once again, the setting lights up, revealing a set for Snifit or Whiffit Seabed Edition.

The show has been changed: there are now seven rounds taking the form of different card-based questions, and only four are required to win the grand prize, which is the blue Mini Paint Star. If all of the challenges are cleared, Mario will be invited to participate in a bonus round. Challenges can now be skipped (although they will be marked as being failed), and Battle Cards are now used to answer the questions. If Mario is low on paint, the host will offer to refill his paint meter at a price of 100 coins.

Similarly to the previous game, Mario has the option of accepting or declining being a contestant on the show. If he refuses to be a contestant, however, rather than being tossed out of the set, a Big Urchin will appear and pop Mario's bubble, causing an instant Game Over. This Big Urchin will also appear if Mario fails a challenge, and will pop his bubble after four challenges are failed. If Mario advances to the bonus round and fails one challenge, the Big Urchin will appear and pop the bubble, and Mario will not receive credit for clearing the other rounds.

If Mario succeeds in four of the seven challenges, he will be able to claim his prize, the blue Mini Paint Star, and will be transported out of the set. If Mario succeeds in all seven main challenges and all three bonus challenges, he will be able to claim another prize, the Instant Camera. If Mario has the Instant Camera in his inventory and completes the bonus round, the reward will be two Pink Snifit cards instead.

A key item called the Letter from Chest appears later in the game, at Fortune Island. It is a letter written by Snifit or Whiffit, saying that they have taken the Instant Camera to use as the prize for their bonus round. Huey suggests they collect the prize before continuing, hinting that is essential for the upcoming battle with Wendy.

Once again, Snifit or Whiffit makes an appearance in the end credits.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

Pick-and-Choose Panic[edit]

The first challenge in the show is a true/false quiz. The host will give Mario a statement, which he must identify as true or false by hitting a block for true and an block for false. Mario must answer three questions correctly to advance to the next challenge. The challenge is held in a room pumping poisonous gas, causing Mario's HP to drain every few seconds.

The questions asked are chosen at complete random, though there is a set number of possible questions. The answers to some of the questions also vary, as they have a true and false wording.

Statement True/False
Your host's name is Snifit. True
Right now there are 30 Snifits in the studio audience. True
My dinner last night was a delicious mushroom steak. True
To swing the hammer, you press Y Button. False
To swing the hammer, you press B Button. True
If you're low on HP, you can't use the paperization ability. False
To use the Battle Spin, you need five coins. False
If you get all Poison Mushrooms in the Battle Spinner, all foes get poisoned. False
A Jump sticker will cost you 3 coins. You can sell one for 2. True
A Shiny Jump sticker is more expensive than a Jump sticker. True
If you have an Iron Jump sticker, you can jump on enemies with spikes. True
A Hammer sticker has a more powerful attack than a Shiny Hammer sticker. False
If you use a Spike Helmet sticker, you can also stomp enemies with spikes. False
You're at Decalburg's sticker shop. A Mushroom sticker costs 15 coins. True
If you use a Mushroom sticker, Mario's body gets big. False
If you use a Mushroom sticker, your HP will be restored. True
If you get a Super Star, you temporarily become invisible. False
If you get a Super Star, you temporarily become invincible. True
Mario has no siblings. False
Kamek can fly through the sky. He rides a broom. True
Wiggler's body has four segments, not counting the head. True
Bowser Jr.'s father is King Bowser, and his mother is Princess Peach. False
Mario, Toads, and Koopa Troopas all wear shoes. True
Koopa Troopas, Paratroopas, and Lakitus can all fly. False
Kamek, Lakitu, and Bowser Jr. all wear glasses. False
When Mario and Kersti first met, Kersti was stuck to a sign. True
Some Toads were locked inside a cupboard in Decalburg. There were nine Toads inside that cupboard. False
Straight up, Bowser's cooler than Mario! True
This doesn't leave the room, but...King Bowser actually loathes Princess Peach. False
This doesn't leave the room, but...Princess Peach is actually a man. False

Big Bonking Snifit Bash[edit]

Known as "Snifit Bash Up" in the British English version, the second challenge of the show is similar to that of a real life Whack-a-Mole game. Mario must hammer 20 "unpaid Snifit interns" ("young Snifits on work experience" in the British English version), which pop out of four holes in the floor. Occasionally, hearts will briefly pop out of the holes which restore 5 HP if hammered. This challenge is also held in a room pumping poison gas.

Unrelentingly Exciting Shuffle Game[edit]

The final challenge is a block shuffle game similar to that of a shell game. The game starts out with three blocks, which are identical. However, only one contains a "✔"; the others have not only an "X" but a Snifit inside. Mario must hit the correct block three times to win. Hitting one of the Snifit blocks triggers a battle with a Snifit, in which the room also fills with poison gas during the battle. After each battle, the blocks that once contained Snifits remain empty until the round is over. Selecting the correct block also gives Mario a heart to recover 5 HP. The speed at which the blocks shuffle also changes with each round, and in the final round, a fourth block is added. During the challenge, Mario always faces the direction of the correct block.

Big-Bonking-Panic-Pick-And-Choose Snifit Bash[edit]

The show's bonus challenge is a combination of the first and second challenges. The room is again filled with poisonous gas. Mario is given a true or false statement (the sentences are unchanged from the first challenge), but he must hammer five Snifits before he can answer. Additionally, the question only remains on-screen while Mario is still bashing the Snifits, and will disappear as soon as he is able to answer. As with the first challenge, answering three questions correctly results in victory, allowing Mario to collect the bonus prize, which is the Radiator.

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

Primary Rounds[edit]

  1. Spinning Card: Small square sections of a single card will spin at random until all portions have spun at least once. The player must identify the correct card.
  2. Kelp Cards: Three cards will enter the screen and cross from the left and right sides. Three strips of kelp block some of the player's view. The player must identify all three correct cards.
  3. Entwined Cards: Two cards will split into fourths, intertwine with each other, then reveal themselves as one big card. After two flips, the player must identify the two correct cards.
  4. Paint That Card: A card will be painted in front of the player. They must remember which card it is and at what height to paint it to.
  5. Card Roulette: Three cards will stream across the screen in opposite directions and speeds in thirds, similar to the mini-game from Super Mario Bros. 3. The player must identify all three.
  6. Falling Cards: Three cards fall from the top of the screen to the bottom. They are angled in different ways to make it unclear what the player is looking at.
  7. Card Recall: Four cards will be held in front of the player. They will then go away and only three will return. The player must identify the missing card.

Bonus Rounds[edit]

  1. Falling Cards 2: Three cards will fall in the same manner as in the "Falling Cards" round, but this time Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers swim across to block the player's view.
  2. Kelp Cards 2: Three cards will move side to side like in the "Kelp Cards" round, but this time there are five pieces of kelp blocking more of the player's view rather than three.
  3. Card Recall 2: Three cards will float in a circle, each being held by either a Cheep Cheep, Blooper, or Snifit. The player then must identify the specific card a specifically named character was holding.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムーチョdeムーチョ/ムーチョ で ムーチョ (Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
Mūcho de Mūcho
ムーチョdeムーチョ カードでポン (Paper Mario: Color Splash)
Mūcho de Mūcho Kādo de Pon

Snifit de Snifit (possibly a pun on the Spanish word "mucho", thus, "A Lot of Snifit")
Snifit or Whiffit: Card Pop

Chinese (simplified) 木乔 de 木乔
Mùqiáo de Mùqiáo
Snifit de Snifit

Chinese (traditional) 木喬 de 木喬
Mùqiáo de Mùqiáo
Snifit de Snifit

Dutch De Snifit Show
The Snifit Show
French (NOA) Pas de fumée sans Maskrache (Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
Pas d'air sans Maskrache (Paper Mario: Color Splash)
No smoke without Snifit
No air without Snifit
French (NOE) Pas de fumée sans Snifit
No smoke without Snifit
German Die Snifit Show
The Snifit Show
Italian Fiuta o Sfiata
Sniff or Vent
Portuguese Acerta ou a coisa aperta
Get it right or things get tough
Russian Игра Шмыги
Igra Shmygi
Snifit's Game

Spanish La Prueba de Olfiti
Snifit's Test


  • In both incarnations of the game show, the player is actually required to beat the bonus round, as the prize has a mandatory use in the next chapter. The Radiator is needed to melt the snow blocking a cave entrance in Snow Rise, while the Instant Camera is needed to escape Wendy's ring attack in Fortune Island.