66th Annual Quirk Quiz

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Mario being challenged in the 66th Annual Quirk Quiz

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The 66th Annual Quirk Quiz is a quiz that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is held in X-Naut Fortress. Mario triggers this quiz by pressing A Button when near the robotic Thwomp, and when he does, the Thwomp will open its eyes and start the quiz. If the player gets three answers wrong then two X-Yux will be fought, but if the player gets five answers correct, the Thwomp will begrudgingly relinquish the Elevator Key without a fight. It succeeds the 65th Super Fun Quirk Quiz, held in Shhwonk Fortress, as well as the 64th Trivia Quiz-Off from Paper Mario.


Question Choices Answer
1. Exactly what's hidden here? Card Key, Monkey, Elevator Key, Pretty Lucky Elevator Key
2. What's the name of the girl in Petalburg who's waiting patiently for Koops's return? Petuni, Marilyn, Flavio, Koopie Koo Koopie Koo
3. Goomba, Lava Bubble, Buzzy Beetle, and Boo. How many feet do they have? Total! 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, Defeat 6 feet
4. Where was the one, the only, Diamond Star? Glitzville Arena, Cortez's Ship, Hooktail's Belly, Poshley Sanctum Hooktail's Belly
5. What was the name of the very first champion at the Glitzville Arena? Prince Mush, Prince Macho, Prince Marsh, Prince Matthew Prince Mush
6. What did Francesca and Frankie from Rogueport lose on Keelhaul Key? A Necklace, A Bracelet, A Ring, A Bling A Ring
7. What number question is this? Number Four, Number Five, Number Six, Number Seven Number Seven


  • In the Japanese version, Question 3 has the choices "4本", "6本", "8本", "日本", where "日本" looks similar to the previous choices which make sense, but means Japan. Its English version is "4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, Defeat".