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The Thousand-Year Door enemy
A Z Yux from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Location(s) The Moon, X-Naut Fortress
Max HP 7
Attack 4
Defense 0
Moves Ring Toss (4, Piercing), Recover (+2 HP)
Items None
Coins 0 - 3
Log A genetic improvement on the original Yux. Mini-Z-Yux often appear to restore HP or protect the main unit from damage.
Misc. stats
Level 27
Exp. points 0
Sleep? 20%
Dizzy? 95%
Confuse? 60%
Tiny? 85%
Burn? 100%
Freeze? 0%
Stop? 70%
Soft? 90%
Fright? 0%
Gale Force? 80%
KO? 95%

That's a Z-Yux. It's a genetic improvement on the original Yux. Max HP is 7, Attack is 4, and Defense is 0. Multiple Mini-Z-Yux will appear to protect the main unit, as you'd expect. Sometimes they also restore HP to the main unit, which really burns me up! It doesn't have much HP, but those barriers often protect it from attacks.


Z-Yuxes are a gray and red sub-species of Yux who appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Z-Yux are larger and stronger than regular Yux and are used as the security for the X-Naut Fortress on the moon. Z-Yux are capable of summoning Mini-Z-Yux to protect them with forcefields.

The Z-Yux, along with other Yuxes, are notable in that their beam attacks pierce all Defend Plus and Damage Dodge badges that Mario and his partner have equipped. This means that full damage is taken if no guard is performed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バリアーンZ
Bariān Zetto
Yux Z
French Cruxigris Pun on "crux-" (a prefix referring to a cross) and "gris" (grey)
German Crucimat Z Yux Z
Italian Rostella Z Yux Z
Spanish Centinela Z Yux Z


  • This is the only X-Naut-related enemy that can always be fought, as they stay on the moon if the player comes back there after finishing the game.