Hold Fast

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door move
Hold Fast
Mastered by Admiral Bobbery
Rank Super Rank
Effect Bobbery lights his fuse, and deals back explosion damage to direct attackers.
Target Enemies that come in contact with Bobbery

Hold Fast is a move that Admiral Bobbery can use in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door upon reaching the Super Rank. At the cost of 4 FP, Bobbery will light his fuse, and change his stance. During this state, physical attackers that collide with Bobbery will receive back half the damage rounded down. This works similar to the Payback status, however some attacks such as Doopliss's hammer will not result in counter damage from Payback, but will trigger Hold Fast. The two can be furthermore stacked.

By default, this effect will last only 1 turn. However, by pressing the A Button button every time a Star lights up during the Action Command, the effect's duration will increase by 1 extra turn for every successful input, up to a maximum of 4 turns in total. This move's Stylish move is performed by pressing A Button right as Bobbery changes stance after the Action Command.

Reapplying the move while it is already in effect will not extend the duration, but rather reset it.

Like all other Bobbery explosions, a successful Hold Fast explosion will clear onstage fog.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふれたらドカン
Furetara Dokan
If make contact then Kaboom
French Pas touche! Hands off!
German Detonator -
Italian Mina Antiurto Shockproof mine
Spanish Mina Mine (explosive)