Kiss Thief

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door move
Kiss Thief
PMTTYD KissThief.png
Mastered By Ms. Mowz
Attack Power 0
Rank (none)
Effect Ms. Mowz runs toward the enemy, stealing their item or badge.
Target One

Kiss Thief is a default move that can be mastered by Ms. Mowz during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The move allows her to steal any item or badge the enemy is holding. The move is executed by pressing the A Button button. Once it is pressed, Ms. Mowz will run up to the enemy. The player will then have to press the A Button button again when she is extremely close to the enemy, and if done correctly, she will steal the item from the enemy's grasp. If the player cannot carry anymore items/badges, Ms. Mowz will fail to capture the item/badge regardless of the player pressing the A Button button in the 'OK' range.

If the enemy is not holding an item, then a coin will usually be stolen. However, if an enemy has a chance of holding a badge or item, then Ms. Mowz has a small chance of stealing that badge or item if the enemy is not holding anything. Therefore, it is possible to steal rare badges by simply using Kiss Thief repeatedly on the enemies that sometimes carry them.

The Stylish Move of this attack is performed by pressing A Button while Ms. Mowz is running toward the enemy. If pressed, Ms. Mowz will hop in her way. Regardless of whether the Stylish move is performed or not, members of audience may still flee.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チュードロボー
Chū Dorobō
'Chuu' thief. Chu is a sound effect that can either mean a mouse's squeak or the sound of a kiss, thus making the attack name a pun.
Italian Topo di velluto Velvet Mouse (pun on the phrase "Velvet glove")