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The Thousand-Year Door enemy
Location(s) Palace of Shadow
Max HP 80
Attack 8
Defense 2
Moves Poison Breath (8, Poison, Piercing), Stomp (8), Chomp (8), Earthquake (10, Piercing; useless against Vivian and Flurrie), Charge +8 (warning for Megabreath), Megabreath (16)
Items Star Key
Coins N/A
Log Hooktail's brother. He's a big, dark, poison-spewing baddie. Watch out for his famous Megabreath attack!
Misc. stats
Level 76
Exp. points 0
Sleep? 30%
Dizzy? 30%
Confuse? 30%
Tiny? 0%
Burn? 100%
Freeze? 0%
Stop? 30%
Soft? 70%
Fright? 0%
Gale Force? 0%
KO? 1%

That's Gloomtail. I think he's Hooktail's brother. I see the family resemblance… Max HP is 80, Attack is 8, and Defense is 2. He'll bite or stomp you, and he may also breathe poison on you. Great. When his HP gets low, he may throw in some other attacks, as well. Wouldn't surprise me. Especially watch out for his megabreath move, 'cause the word is, it's GNARLY! He also stores power for some attacks, so use Vivian to hide to avoid those.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!? You destroyed my precious younger sister?!? I wondered why she hadn't written recently... Quake in fear, mortals! For I am Gloomtail! I will avenge my sister by taking your lives...and then gnawing on your bones!”
Gloomtail, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Gloomtail is the middle sibling in the "tail" family in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is the older brother of Hooktail and the younger brother of Bonetail, and according to Grifty, once served as a pet of the Shadow Queen. Upon hearing Mario's partners say they defeated his sister Hooktail, Gloomtail vows to destroy Mario and company and avenge his sister. He lives in the Palace of Shadow and guards the Star Key, which is needed to unlock the pedestals in the Riddle Tower. Mario and company had to defeat Gloomtail to get the Star Key.

Mario and co. encounter Gloomtail.
Gloomtail in his room.
Mario and co. battling Gloomtail.
Mario and his partners battle Gloomtail.

Gloomtail is stronger than his sister. He attacks by breathing poison on Mario and his partner (taking at least ten turns to wear off), and stomping or chomping the character in front. His earthquake move can be dangerous, but it doesn't work on Vivian and Flurrie. He can also charge up for his signature and strongest attack: his Megabreath move, which does up to 16 damage.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブンババ
From「ゴンババ」(Gonbaba, Hooktail) and possibly「ブラック」(burakku, black)
French Toxicroc Portmanteau of "toxique" (toxic) and "croc" (fang)
German Lohbert Portmanteau of "lohe" (blaze) and the masculine name "Bert"
Italian Fosco Gloomy; shared with Woodrow
Spanish Bumbaba Taken from the Japanese "Bunbaba", but with the "m" before "b", because in Spanish, "n" should not come directly before "b"


Large hole behind Gloomtail room post Shadow Queen, leading to Grodus room. Note that this place is inaccessible through normal means and can only be accessed by glitches or cheats.
The large hole behind Gloomtail's room, leading directly to Grodus' room
  • Out of all of the siblings in the "tail" family in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Gloomtail is the only one not to have a Super Paper Mario equivalent.
  • The room Sir Grodus is fought in is directly below Gloomtail's room, which would mean that Bowser was in Gloomtail's room when he fell through the floor. In fact, if the player uses cheats or glitches to go to the hidden area behind Gloomtail's room after defeating the Shadow Queen, a large hole can be seen. The hole can be jumped down to enter the aforementioned Grodus room.[1]
    • Goombella’s tattle when inside Gloomtail’s room acts as though Gloomtail isn’t present, despite the fact that he is always present until the player lowers the floor of the rooms that lead to his room. This implies that Gloomtail’s room was intended to be accessible at any time.
  • Bonetail has the same default attack and defense stats as Gloomtail.
  • If Mario brings Flurrie, Yoshi, Vivian, Ms. Mowz, or Bobbery when seeing Gloomtail—partners that were not available during the battle with Hooktail—they will confuse him for Hooktail, going off on several descriptions Mario told them about offscreen.


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